Administrative Assistant Resume Template

By | August 2, 2014

Administrative assistant resume template in this post will help you in writing your own resume and make it better in format as well as the content. The job of an Admin Assist is one of the most responsible jobs in the industry and requires enough experience and capabilities. Thus, your resume must look professional as well as hold some really good content.

Employers are quite skeptical while selecting a candidate for this position. They often do a good research of your cover letter and resume before actually calling you up for a personal meeting. Thus, an applicant must spend some quality time drafting their administrative assistant cover letter and resume.

Before be actually take a look at the administrative assistant resume template, let’s first understand the important segments in resume and how should an applicant trying for this job position must draft them.

Points to Remember while Writing your Administrative Assistant Resume

  • Come up with a really good and not so common summary statement. Your summary must show your eligibility and your clear focus about your career. Short, crisp and to the point, your summary statement must trigger the recruiter.
  • With a larger experience background, administrative assistants are blessed with a large number of skills and proficiencies. However, resume is not the place to mention each and every skill of yours. Go through the employer’s job description and analyze which all skills will go best with those responsibilities and mention only those in your resume
  • Experience! This is the section which captures more attention of the employers while recruiting for this job position. Spend some time and write down a good experience segment in your resume. Mention detailed information including the name of the previous companies, your designation, job duration and the responsibilities performed.
  • Your experience section should be followed by your educational qualification details. Mention neat and clean details of your educational background including your degree, the college and university you studied in and the passing out year.

Including all the above mentioned points in your resume will help you in writing an job winning administrative assistant resume. Now that you are clear about the points to include in your resume, let’s take a look at the resume template below:


Full Name
Full Address
Contact Number
Personal Email Address


Your summary statement goes here. Draft a good one that mentions your experience, skills and career plans.


Like mentioned above, jot down all your skills and proficiencies under this section. However, ensure these skills are related to the job you are applying for.


The most important section in your administrative assistant resume. Write down detailed information including your current/previous employer’s name, location, job title, working year, and responsibilities.


List down your educational qualifications here. Avoid tabular format. It’s very outdated. You can either write it down in bullet points or qualification per line format.


Your personal information including your name, date of birth, gender, marital status, and nationality goes under this section. This section is optional and you may even skip it.

Hope the above Administrative Assistant Resume Template guide you in writing your own resume. Do not forget to proof read it twice before sending it to the employer.

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