Art Teacher Resume Sample

By | April 15, 2016

Art is a discipline which exposes students to innovative and engaging subjects. For a leaning mind, art encourages creativity and expression. Thus art teachers are individuals who design classes and courses to establish students’ skills in different topics like crafts, painting, sculpture, ceramics and other forms of visual expression.

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Art teachers may work in elementary, middle or high schools. In an elementary school, art teachers work mainly towards establishing children’s interests in various forms of arts. They design their own class lessons. Middle school art teachers also work towards improving students’ basic skills. In addition, they introduce certain concepts in art history. Art teachers in high school introduce art theories and works of master artists to students and make them look at art study as a serious academic discipline. They teach video, graphic design, photography etc. It is to be noted that dance and drama are also forms of art and teachers of dance and drama are also known as art teachers.

Now, let’s have a look at a powerful art teacher resume sample.

Art Teacher Resume Sample

Lauren Brown
120 Oak Road, Virginia


A dynamic, fun-loving and highly qualified art teacher with extensive experience in working with and motivating children while teaching them different aspects of art and art history. Interested in raising the self-esteem and aspirations of children through interactive learning and different classroom activities focussed in art and entertainment, looking forward to gain employment as an art teacher in an outstanding institution that provides immense opportunities for creative development.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Areas of expertise include: interactive learning, student motivation, curriculum development, differentiated instruction
  • Ability to provide students with opportunities that enable them to reach their highest potential through creative expression and different aesthetic, production and historical experiences
  • Proficient in delivering creative lessons to children who show reluctance and are disengaged from learning
  • Ability to make wise selections of art content and curriculum
  • Capable of using positive reinforcement in the classroom environment
  • Ability to co-operate with other teachers and staff and work in a professional, positive environment
  • Proven organization and leadership skills
  • Good know-how in classroom management and teaching methodologies
  • Outstanding communication, interpersonal and public relation skills


Leap Bridge City High School, Virginia
Art History Teacher
December 2012- present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing interdisciplinary and multicultural arts curriculum that serves as a connection between arts and different social, cultural, historical and linguistic elements
  • Teaching students of varying age groups, abilities and cultures
  • Developing and organizing numerous hands-on activities focussing on student involvement and team work
  • Organizing social events and arranging art competitions that involve students, teachers and guardians
  • Encouraging students’ creativity and expression through different projects in painting, sculpture, ceramics, darkroom black and white photography
  • Incorporating technology as a medium of teaching into the classroom environment
  • Presenting arts in accordance to the institutions’ curricular guidelines
  • Accompanying students on trips to art galleries and museums

Little Imagination Elementary School, Virginia
Art Teacher
July 2011- November 2012
Job Responsibilities:

  • Selected art supplies for courses
  • Taught students different concepts like division of space through the use of water colors, mixed media and acrylics in classes and encouraged them to create paintings inspired from other artists’ paintings
  • Accompanied students on trips to art galleries and museums
  • Prepared lesson plans and established course goals that are in accordance with the school’s educational goals
  • Arranged art competitions on different art genres with the aim of encouraging students’ creativity
  • Planned and delivered entertaining, creative and engaging art classes while teaching the fundamental principles of art history
  • Taught different niches of the subject like art history, commercial art
  • Attended parents-teachers meetings and provided feedback on students’ performances
  • Acted as additional support to parents and counsellors while resolving issues faced by students
  • Introduced reward system like giving creative, educational toys to students with the aim of drawing attention from reluctant children

Educational Qualifications

William Woodson University, Fairfax, Virginia 2010
Master of Arts in Art Teaching and Learning

William Woodson University, Fairfax, Virginia 2008
Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts

If you have passion for art and like to ignite minds through different forms of art, you may dream to become an art teacher. As regards formal education, you must complete a bachelor’s degree course in art or art education. As a part of bachelor’s degree course, you will need to complete teacher education preparation programs. With required academic background and great passion for your job, you are definitely going to excel as an art teacher.