Assistant Manager Resume Sample

By | April 5, 2016

A resume is a tool which shows you the path towards a great career. Although it is a one- or two-page document, its value is immense. It contains essential information about your familiarity with a particular job role, your abilities, work experience and academic background. In this post we will go through an assistant manager resume. An assistant manager resume must be written in a way that will attract immediate attention of the reader. An assistant manager is a leader who manages a number of people in an organization. Although he/she is subordinate to higher-level managers, but his/her job is nonetheless important.


Job Description of an Assistant Manager

Assistant managers have to supervise other staff members, evaluate their performances, recruit and train new employees, handle customer requirements, assign tasks to individuals and shoulder many responsibilities of managers in their absence. They need to maximize profits by cutting and/or controlling labor costs and expenses.

Skills and Proficiencies of an Assistant Manager

An assistant manager needs to be organized, friendly and possess good communication, leadership, multi-tasking and time management skills. They must have a pleasant personality and winning mentality. Again as the job profile differs as per the company/organization, the particular skills also differ.

Education of an Assistant Manager

There is no specific educational requirement for the position of an assistant manager. But most employers prefer candidates with a GED or high school diploma. An associate degree in business management or related field may help you in getting an edge against other candidates.

Assistant Manager Resume Sample

Rebecca M. Jones
12 Russels Street, Nebraska


A proactive and efficient assistant manager with 4+ years of experience working closely with higher level managers in retail stores and performing supervisory activities. Willing to learn from on-the-job training and use my customer service skills and looking forward to build a career working in an environment that challenges my talents and abilities.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to strike chord with customers and make them feel comfortable while facing any issue regarding purchase or exchange of a product
  • Ability to manage all staff members and resolve issues single-handedly, when the store manager is absent or not around
  • Good know-how in retail management and marketing principles
  • Good understanding of visual merchandising
  • Ability to devise strategies to improve staff performance thereby increasing the sales numbers
  • Remarkable ability to manage a number of tasks at a time
  • Physically fit to stay on my feet for long hours
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • Ability to lead a team and motivate team members
  • Self-motivated, disciplined and sales-oriented

Educational Qualifications

Nebraska Central College, Nebraska
Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Management, 2011


The Store-Solutions for Daily Necessities, Nebraska
Assistant Manager
March 2012- present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Assists customers in solving their queries related to products, thereby trying to make their shopping experience a happy one
  • Supervises staff training requirements
  • Hires staff, designs training programs for them, trains them- all these are done in discussion with the store manager
  • Meets the store’s monthly sales targets and handle budgets
  • Ensures the shop floor runs smoothly without any major issues, on a daily basis
  • Ensures all staff members perform their duties in compliance with the store’s operational policies and guidelines
  • Acts as a communicator between the support team, that is, subordinates and peers and senior managers
  • Actively participates in training programs designed for assistant managers
  • Prepares work schedules for staff members in a way to compensate for holidays
  • Maintains product displays
  • Assigns shifts to staff and make changes as and when required
  • Maintains good relations with peers, subordinates and the store manager and works together for creating a better work environment

Even if you have no retail experience, you may consider going for this job profile if you have an associate or bachelor’s degree. If you are looking for an entry-level assistant manager post, you must possess a bachelor’s degree to get your job in a hassle-free way. Of course, you will need managerial skills. With right skills, education and a perfect resume, you need not worry about getting your dream job. Hope the above assistant manager resume sample help you by all means in drafting your own resume.