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Driver Resume Sample

Driving may be your passion or necessity. If you have good driving skills and wish to have a career as a driver, you need to prepare a professional resume in order to enhance your chances during interviews. You can start off by going through some driver resumes on the Internet. Also you need to know the basic rules of resume-writing like the right structure, format and wording and the common mistakes to avoid.


For example, including some negative statements regarding your previous employer puts you in a bad light as this might cause you to seem unfaithful. An eye-catching resume must be crisp, full of essential details yet readable. Use of bombastic words, phrases, many colors and tables are a strictly no-no. All these are also relevant for writing a driver resume.

Whether you want to become a car driver, delivery driver, paratransit driver, valet driver or a personal driver, having a quick glance at the following driver resume sample that will surely help you while applying for your preferred job.

Job Description of a Driver

Since there are different types of truck drivers like concrete truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, forklift drivers, dump truck drivers, company truck drivers, etc. the responsibilities will differ as per their roles. The common responsibilities are:
  • Driving vehicles to drop or pick people, company employees
  • Transporting materials to specific destinations
  • Taking the best route possible with the aim of saving time and fuel
  • Cleaning vehicles and maintaining those
  • Performing physical tasks like loading and unloading materials, luggage etc.
  • Behaving well with passengers
  • Inspecting vehicles before leaving for a journey
  • Ensuring vehicles are fit for operation
  • Ensuring all passengers wear seat belts
  • Observing all traffic rules
  • If a rental vehicle is used, then taking appropriate measures to safeguard the vehicle

Skills and Proficiencies of a Driver

A driver must have:

  • Physical fitness
  • Excellent knowledge of road safety and traffic rules
  • Thorough understanding of the functionality of the vehicle he/she is using
  • Capability to read the route maps and use GPS effectively to choose the shortest/best route
  • Basic knowledge and experience of performing general maintenance work for all/majority of the vehicle types
  • Ability to maintain vehicle in good condition always including cleaning the inside and outside of vehicle
  • Ability to complete paperwork
  • Patience towards other road users and a helping, friendly attitude towards all passengers
  • Good communication skills

Driver Resume Sample

Victor Kaif
37 Hyatt Regency Road, Ohio


A dedicated, hard-working and reliable delivery driver with 5+ years of experience in car-driving and a proven record of delivering shipments within set timelines. Possesses excellent knowledge of traffic rules, good physical agility and ability to maintain records regarding delivery progress.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Well-maintained physique with good stamina
  • Brilliant eye-hand co-ordination
  • Clean driving record without any traffic violation
  • Possesses valid driver’s license
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Familiarity with safety rules
  • Ability to maintain clean and neat appearance
  • Areas of expertise: route scheduling, GPS Navigation, map reading, vehicle maintenance, long distance driving, loading and unloading heavy items etc.


Food n Snax Catering Services, Ohio
Delivery Driver
March 2011- present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Delivering number of customer orders in each run, taking payments and calculating those
  • Providing coupons, special menus and special offers to top clients in order to increase sales
  • Asking customers for feedback on the delivery services and handling their complaints as well
  • Operating delivery vehicle safely while following traffic rules and regulations
  • Checking loaded items/packets against order tickets and helping delivery men in moving items from van without any sort of damage
  • Inspecting delivery van before and after each journey and ensuring all preventive maintenance rules are conducted

Educational Qualifications

St. Xaviers School, Ohio
High School Diploma, 2010

You can customize this delivery driver resume format. But your own driver resume should not be a mere copy of the mentioned resume. It should be as original as your personal traits and professional achievements. This one-page document must demonstrate your ability to perform your duties, as a driver to the maximum. Preparing an error-free, eye-grabbing resume will help you win half of the battle; again preparing for interviews and faring well during the processes will help you get selected for the best job.


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Retail Store Manager Resume Sample

A retail store manager, as the name suggests is one who works in a retail store to meet sales and profit goals and enhance customer satisfaction thereby bringing more business for the store. Like other managers, a retail store manger needs to manage the store’s staff efficiently. All the staff including the manager carries on their responsibilities with an aim to expand the store’s traffic.


If you are interested in the managerial position of a retail store, you will need a well-formatted resume to be sent to prospective employers. Your resume will make the employers aware of certain skills and credentials they are looking for. You can go through the following post that includes a retail store manager resume sample covering all the important aspects of a perfect, eye-catching resume.

Job Description of a Retail Store Manager

The important responsibilities shouldered by a retail store manager are:

  • Providing training to store staff by assessing and rechecking training materials, reviewing staff’s performances and developing training programs
  • Recruiting and selecting store staff, counselling and disciplining them
  • Taking measures to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Preparing annual budget of the store with the aim of achieving financial objectives, analyzing discrepancies and taking corrective measures
  • Preparing reports on customer requirements, profits and buying trends
  • Handling grievances, customer complaints and issues faced by staff
  • Striking excellent rapport with potential and existing customers, thereby identifying customer requirements
  • Acting as a people person by performing and behaving well

Skill sets of a Retail Store Manager

A retail store manager must possess the following qualities:

  • Ability to judge people
  • Analytical skills to solve problems
  • Time management skills to ensure all work get done within the fixed timeline
  • Speaking, listening and writing skills required for communicating one-on-one, in a meeting or in front of staff members
  • Technical skills, such as the ability to read magnetic card
  • Maths and accounting skills
  • Ability to prioritize work
  • Adaptability skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment keeping a positive attitude
  • Showing true dependability
  • Ability to self-motivate


A high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree is the typical education requirement; although some employers may prefer candidates with a degree in retail management.

Retail Store Manager Resume Sample

Merecca Christopher
31 Royal Road, Hawaii


An efficient and highly-dependable store manager with 6+years of experience in retail field, managing sales team and co-ordinating policies and strategies to develop sales culture amongst employees. With knowledge of selling merchandise and store management, seeking a suitable position that challenges my existing skills and offers career-fulfilling opportunities.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Adept in supervising the operational activities of the store
  • Capable of researching, analyzing and understanding existing and future market trends
  • Excellent communication, time-management and multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to inspire others and instil in them a passion for retail
  • Ability to grasp a complex situation and provide solutions
  • Ability to coach and train staff and making them learn the art of proper merchandise profitability


The Finish Linen Store, Hawaii
Retail Manager
June 2010-present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Supervising and motivating team members in order to increase revenues and ensure sales target are met
  • Making important decisions regarding stock control and controlling stock levels; making decisions about fashion items on demand based on the researches about the prevailing market trends
  • Maintaining strong relationships with existing suppliers and seeking new suppliers too
  • Attending trade events, promoting products and getting customers’ feedback
  • Roaming sales floor at regular intervals, meeting other staff members and customers; serving customers, handling their complaints and answering their queries
  • Hiring and coaching employees; helping the higher management on staff promotions and appraisals

Educational Qualifications

Roseland University, Hawaii
Bachelors of Business Administration, 2009

Posting your retail store manager resume online and recreating the same in a company’s website will make your resume instantly accessible to the employers. Don’t forget to update the resume with your most recent achievements. Prepare your resume in such a way that it markets your skills and accomplishments bringing you one step closer to getting your preferred jobs.


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Dentist Resume Sample

Dentists are doctors who diagnose and treat problems related to teeth and gum and advise patients regarding oral health and dental care. They operate technical equipment, treat injuries and maintain dental records of patients. If you wish to become a dentist, you may have a flourishing career in this field. To get a job, you require a dentist resume highlighting your qualifications and major accomplishments. In this post such a professional resume will be cited that will help you in kick-starting your job search.


Job Description of a Dentist

The typical job responsibilities of a dentist are:

  • Educating patients on how to take care of teeth, how to brush and floss, what to do to avoid bad breath, cavities etc. in a word, every aspect of oral health care
  • Preparing treatment room for patients in accordance with the prescribed procedures and protocols
  • Taking measurements for different dental appliances like dentures, and making models
  • Using tools to examine teeth, gums and the jaw and diagnose several dental conditions
  • Removing unwanted teeth causing pain and repairing cracked teeth
  • Prescribing medications
  • Maintaining dental records of the patients
  • Discussing and agreeing treatment options and plans with patients
  • Recruiting and training staff
  • Providing postoperative instructions to patients
  • Providing surgery and/or treatment related information to patients, answering their questions and boosting their confidence
  • Keeping himself/herself updated about the latest technologies by participating in professional societies, attending related workshops
  • Working with dental assistants, dental hygienists and receptionists and maintaining good relationships with them

Skills and Proficiencies of a Dentist

To be a successful dentist, a person must have:

  • Excellent dexterity that means the ability to work with different tools in a limited space
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills required to train and manage staff
  • Problem-solving skills needed for evaluating symptoms and select the correct treatment process
  • Good organizational skills needed for maintaining patients records
  • Physical fitness and patience to deal with patients for longer, stressful hours
  • Team-working skills
  • Ability to follow methodical approach


With a doctoral degree in dentistry, you may step towards a bright career.

Dentist Resume Sample

Kourtney Winslet
52 Long Drive Road, Texas


A detail-oriented and enthusiastic dentist with 11+ years of experience in providing first rate professional dental services to patients while diagnosing and treating dental conditions successfully. Adept in using specialist equipment and specializing in orthodontic treatment, looking forward to work with a reputed, forward-thinking dental care unit to enhance my knowledge and abilities.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to handle patients and make them feel comfortable during surgical treatment
  • Detail-oriented
  • Ability to use specialised equipment
  • Excellent communication ability
  • Ability to motivate others and work as a part of team
  • Capability to remain updated with the recent developments in dentistry
  • Capability to choose treatment plans by carefully assessing patients’ conditions at the earliest without any day


Smile Dental Clinic, Texas
April 2005- present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Educating patients on the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and oral care, explaining various dental conditions, making them understand the need of treatment and treating them.
  • Coordinating the regular activities of the dental assistants, dental hygienists and receptionists and assigning tasks to them; training these staff by developing new training programs.
  • Maintaining medical reports of patients for further use and updating those as required.
  • Treating all types of gum and teeth diseases, like decaying teeth and performing treatments like fillings, placing sealants, repairing cracked teeth, removing teeth etc.
  • Using and maintaining different equipment required for carrying dental surgeries.
  • Participating in various workshops and programs on dental care education, preventive measures and spreading dental care awareness.

Educational Qualifications

University of Texas, 2000
B.S. Dental Hygiene Program


Certified Dental Assistant, Texas Dental Associates


Whatever profile you may be applying for like clinical dentist, general dentist, endodontist, orthodontist, prosthodontist, periodontist or pediatric dentist, you must require a well-prepared resume. With a professional dentist resume format that details a candidate’s strengths, clinical skills and area of expertise, you are sure to get shortlisted within a very short time span. Your resume should reflect your proven ability to handle patients with utmost care and putting them at ease under stressful situations.


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Supervisor Resume Sample

In the modern times of rat-race and tough competition, getting a desired job is not easy. Even with the best academic degrees and work history, many people find it difficult to land up a job that offers excellent chances for professional growth. Have you ever thought why this may happen? One of the reasons is the lack of a well-formatted, dynamic resume.


A powerful resume loaded with proper information may be considered a pre-requisite to satisfy potential employers so that they can have interview sessions with the candidate. If you have leadership and management skills and like to oversee activities of employees in different levels, you may consider the position of a supervisor. And to get your name listed in the first few positions for interviews with prospective employers, you will need a supervisor resume.

Job Description of a Supervisor

Whether you are a customer service, retail supervisor or a production supervisor you have some common job responsibilities. Irrespective of the industry you choose for your career, being a supervisor means you have to:
  • Plan rotas and assign work to other staff members
  • Manage a small or big team
  • Resolve issues and complaints and respond to grievances
  • Understand and ensure the team members work in compliance with the organization’s/ department’s policies and state and federal laws
  • Approve leave and overtime
  • Evaluate team performance
  • Coach and counsel employees
  • Take disciplinary actions as and when required, in discussion with Human Resource Department and appointment authority
  • Create a healthy, non-discriminatory work environment that promotes self-development and motivate employees to exude brilliance at work

Skills and Proficiencies of a Supervisor

  • Being able to respond to different situations proactively
  • Ability to exercise self-control to handle complex situations successfully
  • Ability to look at oneself critically
  • Capability to grasp problems and assess situations as a whole
  • Capability to discipline, motivate and interact with others
  • Ready to analyze complex problems and recommend solutions
  • Ability to convince and win over others


The education requirements for supervisor posts depend on the industry he/she will be working for.

Supervisor Resume Sample

Joseph Brown
34 Arthur Street, Iowa


A detail-oriented and pro-active thinking individual with 4+ years of supervising knowledge and extensive business planning and staff managing skills. A people person with ability to shoulder responsibility for growing a sustainable and winning production team by motivating team members to give their best at any cost, looking forward to work with a stable manufacturing company.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Good knowledge of production process in textile industry from cutting to packing
  • Amazing capability to work under pressure
  • Possess excellent management and problem-solving skills like those with production faults
  • Ability to manage a budget
  • Ability to plan, monitor and change production schedules as and when required
  • Ability to ensure all goods are produced to the right quality and quantity, keeping the buyers’ requirements in mind
  • Ability to motivate staff and develop plans that improve their work efficiency
  • Capability to maintain healthy relationship with staff, other managers and buyers/clients
  • Computer skills: MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint


MACL Garments and Accessories, Iowa
Production Supervisor
August 2011- till present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for supervising and managing teams of more than 20, allocating work and work shifts for the team members; hiring new employees and coaching both new and already existing employees
  • Raising requests to the upper management for any machine requirements and capital investment
  • Implementing employee recognition team for rewarding employees who show outstanding performance
  • Taking production decisions and disciplinary actions like warnings, firings and write-ups within standard working methodologies and procedures
  • Conducting product quality tests, checking all products and processing shipping information
  • Writing budget reports and discussing budget issues with other higher managers

Educational Qualifications

University of Iowa
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, 2010

This is a production supervisor resume sample. It is entirely different from a resume sample an education supervisor will be drafting for the same job post. In simpler terms, the job requirements will directly define what contents your supervisor resume will include. So put some meaningful effort in drafting your resume which will sell your credentials and qualities to the employers.


System Administrator Resume Sample

In this world of internet and technology, a galore of jobs is available in the market offering you great opportunities for professional growth as well as financial prosperity. One such job, which you can like to opt for is that of a system administrator. A system administrator, also known by the term sysadmin is a person, who sets up user accounts, adds and configures new workstations, installs system hardware, upgrades software and looks after the consistent operation of computer systems.


If you have the required education, along with a passion for computers and technology, you can become an IT professional with a focus on maintaining network infrastructure and troubleshooting problems arising out of network-attached computers. And while you are starting a career or shifting your current job to join a new company as a system administrator, you will need an impressive resume. A sample system administrator resume is shown here with all the important sections required.

System Administrator Job Description

The essential job duties of a system administrator are:

  • Designing and installing network systems and segments
  • Maintaining system efficiency
  • Ensuring that the computer systems work efficiently, by fixing any issue related with the network design, software and hardware of the computer systems
  • Installing new or rebuilding already existing servers and configuring services, settings, hardware, directories, storage etc. while complying with operational or project requirements
  • Creating, deleting or making changes in the user accounts as per request
  • Performing researches to offer new and automated approaches for system administration tasks
  • Evaluating and modifying system’s performance
  • Maintaining data centre environmental equipment
  • Upgrading and configuring system software

System Administrator Skill Sets

In order to become a system administrator, you must possess:

  • Proven ability to identify problems, assess those and find suitable solutions
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills as systems administrators are required to communicate with end users
  • Good know-how of business side of Information Technology, that is to say a system administrator must be aware of how people utilize networks and applications in businesses
  • Time-management skills since they have to juggle between different roles and responsibilities
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle multiple strenuous situations
  • Disaster planning skills which means the capability of thinking through all possibilities and plan for them
  • Learning and writing skills
  • Technical skills

System Administrator Resume Sample

Gilbert Gunther
55 Wayfarer Road, Minnesota


An accomplished and highly-competent systems administrator possessing good know-how of server configuration, network services support and management, technical support and a vast experience of assisting with the daily activities of an IT department and managing the system resources, user accounts and protecting their security. With proven ability of delivering growth-oriented business solutions, seeking a respectable position in a company offering enough room for professional development.

Key Skills and Core Competencies

  • Ability to plan, install, configure IT infrastructure
  • Project management and technical support skills
  • Capability to identify problems and troubleshoot hardware and software network failures
  • Well-versed with System Administration tools like Dameware, Hyena
  • Good knowledge of LAN/WAN network environment that includes switches, firewalls, routers, software applications and internet access
  • Excellent understanding of network designing, implementation and optimization
  • Ability to make decisions on the basis of analysis and logical reasoning
  • Ability to lead and motivate a team

Technical Skills

  • LAN/WAN Administration
  • Workflow Planning
  • Installation, Configuration and Upgrading of network systems
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Database Design and Management
  • Security-firewalls and Security applications


Creta Software Solutions, Minnesota
Systems Administrator
November 2010- present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining user accounts and systems; installing software and creating file systems
  • Setting up security policies e.g. firewalls for users
  • Keeping an eye on the WAN/LAN network environment that includes internet access, software applications and switches; resolving network failure errors by troubleshooting WAN/LAN connections
  • Receiving quotes for supply of goods from suppliers
  • Expanding, protecting and stabilizing client network and building new files in order to maximize domain control performance, web hosting and file/print sharing
  • Ensuring all support calls are handled properly without any interference right from their logging

Educational Qualifications

University Of Minnesota
Masters of Computer Science, 2008
University Of Minnesota
Bachelors of Computer Application, 2006


Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

In order to make your system administrator resume attractive, make researches on how to write a resume efficiently. And then follow the above-mentioned sample to draft a fresh resume devoid of any factual, grammatical and typographical errors.


Program Manager Resume Sample

A well-structured program manager resume written professionally makes you look more professional to the hiring managers. It makes them feel like you possess all the required skills that they would like to utilize for their companies’ benefits. Candidates keep posting their updated resumes on career websites, which help them get exposure on the Internet. If you prepare a resume with relevant keywords showing your qualifications, skills and experience, it helps you gain popularity on the Internet; as these keywords will help your resume in showing up in search results made on the career websites and also usual online searches.


Thus, getting the perfect job becomes easier with a perfectly written resume. This post will give you an idea of the roles and responsibilities of a program manager. A program manager resume sample is also included to help you apply for the same job position in the most impressive way.

Job Description of a Program Manager

The main duty of a program manager is to manage related projects and thus co-ordinate the responsibilities of project managers, who manage the individual projects that are interrelated. The basic duties of a program manager are:

  • To develop the overall strategy and aims for a number of projects; these aims should be in complete alignment with the company’s business goals, as a whole
  • To hold discussions with project managers regarding various matters like assigning tasks, setting targets and objectives, allocating budgets etc
  • To establish the framework or work culture in which project managers carry on their responsibilities; that is to direct and guide project managers in the right path
  • To monitor for gaps in a program and work towards rectifying those
  • To ensure a project gets delivered within the set timeline, budget and quality
  • To allocate resources to separate teams and work towards minimizing waste and cost cutting by finding out tasks common to many projects
  • To communicate closely with project managers and senior executives regarding the progress of individual projects and the program, as a whole

Skills and Proficiencies of a Program Manager

  • Very strong organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to define project objectives clearly
  • Ability to allocate and optimize resources
  • Cost controlling and risk management skills
  • Ability to influence others without showing authority
  • Ability to manage budget

Program Manager Resume Sample

Sarah Jones
Grand Avenue, Ohio


A versatile and self-directed individual having more than 8+ years of program management experience and a proven track record of successfully launching, managing and releasing large scale projects. A problem solver with excellent know how on budget management and integration management, seeking to contribute my skills to the growth of a company holding high morals and showing recognition to its employees.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to work in deadline-driven, complex and demanding situations
  • Proficient in handling and leading cross-functional programs
  • Ability to foresee complex project issues and think creatively regarding the probable solutions
  • Ability to measure project deliverables on standards of quality and completeness
  • Ability to make strong, wise decisions based on facts
  • A people person and good team player
  • Ability to allocate resources based on their areas of expertise
  • Excellent budget management and cost-controlling skills
  • Experience

    Kohwai IT Solutions, Ohio
    Program Manager
    February 2008- till present
    Job Responsibilities:

    • Handled and managed many classified software development projects worth up to $55 million
    • Utilizing Waterfall, Agile and Rapid Application Development methodologies from initial phase to implementation for optimizing delivery
    • Performing tasks like recruiting and training project managers and monitoring their work progress and creating staffing and stakeholder management strategies
    • Managing the software development lifecycle processes for many projects
    • Choosing and managing vendor companies providing IT services
    • Identifying risks associated with projects and developing plans to resolve those

    Educational Qualifications

    Ohio Institute of Technology, Ohio
    Executive Master of Business Administration, 2007

    University of Ohio, Ohio
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 2004


    A program manager should be results-driven, focussed and adept in staff and budget management. If you have these qualities and also required academic qualifications, you can choose this profile. Going through this program manager resume format will drive you in writing an original resume, thus leading you towards the journey of finding a great job in a hassle-free way.


    Network Administrator Resume Sample

    Network administrators are people responsible for the smooth running of an organization’s computer network. The main areas of focus are on-site servers, network resilience and software-network interactions; although the job responsibilities may depend on the size and socio-economic considerations of the organization, a network administrator is working for. Also the complexities of networks define the roles to a great extent.


    If you are a person who have studied technology and computers and thinking about a flourishing career in information technology, becoming a network admin may be a judicious and sensible decision. In our everyday life, we are dependent on computer systems in a number of ways like checking our bank balance online or reading some article or writing on the Internet. So if you plan to become a network administrator to work on computer systems and look for jobs, you will require a network administrator resume.

    Job Description of a Network Administrator

    • Creating the design of a network and setting up the network that includes installing hardware and configuring databases, routers, hosts and network configuration servers
    • Maintaining the network that includes administering network security and network services and troubleshooting problems related to the network
    • Maintaining network facilities in individual machines
    • Administering routers, firewalls, switches, software deployment, smartphones, printers, desktop computers
    • Identifying the needs of users
    • Filtering emails and internet
    • Ensuring the maintenance of computer hardware and network infrastructure that are related to the data network of a company
    • Expanding the features and services of the network
    • Evaluating network performance

    Skills of a Network Administrator

    A successful network or system administrator must have:

    • Thorough understanding of common network protocols and the basic principles of networking
    • Good know-how of one or more network systems and key network services
    • Project management skills
    • Technical and IT skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Good team working skills
    • An eye for detail
    • Ability to take initiative on one’s own


    You need to possess a bachelor’s degree in a computer related field. Going through a certification program may be an added advantage. These programs provide a general outlook on network systems. There are vendor-specific applications also.

    Network Administrator Resume Sample

    Carla Christopher
    Lake Road City, Hawaii


    A result-driven and focussed network engineer with 8+ years of experience in system administration, network and hardware maintenance and configuration and setting up of hardware and software application services. Seeking a challenging role in a company that will provide ample avenues to nurture my technical abilities and grow professionally.

    Skills and Proficiencies

    • Ability to thrive in challenging environments
    • Excellent know-how in Bridging and switching concepts
    • Proficiency in system administration, maintenance of hardware and network, operating systems like Linux and Windows (all versions)
    • Demonstrated ability to install, configure and administer network technologies
    • Trouble shooting and problem-solving skills
    • Strong team working skills
    • Ability to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with clients

    Technical Skills

    • Protocols: TCP/IP, DHCP, RIP2
    • LAN, WAN, Cisco firewall, VLAN
    • Router and VPN configuration
    • Server hardware, routing, LAN environments, PC Desktop
    • Security-firewalls and Security applications
    • Recovery of root password securing terminals
    • Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL servers
    • Windows 98\ ME\ Xp\ 2000\2003 Server\ 2008 Server\ Linux Server


    Network and Technology World LTD, Hawaii
    Network Administrator
    June 2008- till present
    Job Responsibilities:

    • Configuring and maintaining firewalls
    • Identifying and delivering required technical training for users; ensuring availability of adequate technical support and also performing capacity planning and analysis of needs
    • Designing, configuring and managing network designs with the aim of facilitating customer usage
    • Maximising customer operational performance by troubleshooting
    • Holding discussions with clients for specifying system requirements
    • Customizing networks by adding new programs and applications to already existing networks; upgrading any existing hardware and software that have become obsolete

    Educational Qualifications

    Hawaii State University
    Masters of Computer Science, 2007

    Hawaii State University
    Bachelors of Computer Science, 2005

    This network administrator resume sample can be used by people who want to write system administrator resume. So if you are interested in designing, planning, maintaining and expanding networks, you must stick to your decision of becoming a network admin. And to get your preferred job, make the maximize use of a well-structured and error-free resume.

    Human Resource Manager Resume Sample

    The term ‘human resource’ has become very relevant since the past decade when modernisation has been taking place at a very fast pace. The field of Human Resources (HR) is made up of a number of subdivisions, each of which is characterised by a set of employment regulations and specific practices and policies. HR assistants, HR generalists, HR managers and HR directors are some key positions in a company or organization.


    In this post we are going to discuss about HR managers, their roles and skills. Such managers supervise the overall administrative functions, take responsibility for recruiting and coaching employees and also look after their safety and welfare. A human resource manager resume will be cited to get a clear understanding of the same job profile.

    Job Description of a Human Resource Manager

    The typical duties of a HR manager are to:

    • Prepare job advertisements and job descriptions in order to recruit new employees
    • Short-list candidates for interviews
    • Handle grievances and implement disciplinary actions in accordance with the policies of the organization
    • Plan, implement and also evaluate organization’s human resources policies, systems and programs
    • Counsel managers on how to select candidate
    • Conduct and analyze exit interviews
    • Manage and supervise a performance appraisal system that boosts quality performance
    • Act as a link between the management and employees by handling complains and thereby maintain a positive work environment
    • Maintain benefit programs and pay plans
    • Act for sustaining and upholding present and future business goals of organizations though developing, motivating and preserving human capital

    Skills and Proficiencies of a Human Resource Manager

    An HR manager must possess:

    • An orderly approach and time-management abilities
    • An ability to deal with multiple situations
    • Strong skills to deal with grey, which means handling not-so-easy-to-solve issues
    • Ethical attitude towards work which helps in maintaining confidential information appropriately
    • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills since they must appear convincing and caring in their acts and behavior
    • Conflict management skills to make the workstation a happy place for all employees
    • Ability to create a balance between addressing employees’ concerns and enforcing top management’s policies thereby winning trust from both the parties


    You have to complete a bachelor’s degree program in human resource through a business or management school.

    Human Resource Manager Resume Sample

    Linda Lewis
    55 Martina’s Street, New York


    A smart and intelligent manager with knowledge of the best human resource practices and systems and experience of how to put them in practise for achieving the business goals of an organization. An expert in planning policies for boosting employees’ performance, satisfaction and retention and identifying talent, looking for a talented position in a company offering chances for constant professional growth.

    Skills and Proficiencies

    • Ability to shoulder responsibility of man power planning, as a whole
    • Ability to co-ordinate with the finance department in order to process employees’ payments
    • Developing training and induction programs and other HR policies in compliance with the organization’s business objectives and policies
    • Capability to interact with all employees and management levels
    • Implementing the performance appraisal system for the organization in discussion with other line managers
    • Organizational and time-management skills


    Oris Software Solutions, New York
    Human Resource Manager
    February 2011- till present
    Job Responsibilities:

    • Hiring, training employees and identifying their training needs; making them aware of the company’s rules and policies
    • Conducting exit interviews and dealing with the final settlement of employees leaving the company
    • Advising other managers on staff promotion and retention, planning, budgeting and cost-controlling
    • Investigating grievances and disciplinary issues
    • Creating innovative compensation structure with the aim of improving employee morale and work performance
    • Assisting in resolving day-to-day human resource issues thereby bridging the gap between upper management and employees and nurturing a healthy environment

    Educational Qualifications

    Masters of Business Administration
    New York Central University, 2010

    Bachelor’s of Business Administration
    New York Central University, 2007

    The roles and responsibilities of a manager are more or less similar in all the companies. Don’t copy the contents of this human resource resume sample. You need to put fresh content for your human resource manager resume or a resume for human resource executive. To stand out from the crowd, you must show in the resume how your skills and expertise may help in delivering value to the company, you will be working for.

    Physician Assistant Resume Sample

    Physician assistants are people who work with surgeons, physicians and other healthcare workers to examine and treat patients. They practice in all fields of medicine that include family medicine, general internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, primary care, surgery and psychiatry. They carry their roles in hospitals, physicians’ offices and also other healthcare settings.


    If you are studying medicine or have studied one, if you love to work independently and are interested in patient care, becoming a physician assistant may be a wise career choice for you. And while you are searching for a job for the same post, you will need a physician assistant resume.

    Job Description of a Physician Assistant

    Physician assistants work as a part of the medical team and perform the following duties:

    • Supervise assistants and technicians
    • Instruct patients on therapeutic regimens
    • Provide them information on lifestyle and health maintenance, growth and development, family planning etc
    • Prescribe medicines
    • Assess and record patients’ progress by interviewing them, studying medical histories and performing physical examinations
    • Treat minor injuries
    • Take medical histories, order X-rays and laboratory tests
    • Diagnose patients
    • Develop and implement plans meant for improving patient care
    • Perform duties in compliance with federal, state legislation and local legal and professional requirements

    Skills and Proficiencies of a Physician Assistant

    A physician assistant’s job requires:

    • Displaying a good-natured, friendly attitude towards patients and other staff members
    • Keeping emotions in check and controlling aggressive behavior
    • Using logic to resolve work-related issues
    • Being sensitive to others’ needs and feelings
    • Being innovative to work out new solutions to work-related problems
    • Good knowledge of medical terminology
    • Good knowledge of human behavior and treatment of behavioural disorders
    • Excellent communication skills


    You will need a master’s degree from an accredited educational program; you must hold a license through the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination.

    Physician Assistant Resume Sample

    Marc Robinson
    123 St Arthur’s Street, Georgia


    A highly-qualified physician assistant with 3+ years of experience in patient care, working with healthcare professionals, providing medical and administrative support. With substantial knowledge of medical practice, crisis interventions and ability to build instant rapport with patients, seeking a position in a work environment that will leverage my skills in a positive way.

    Skills and Proficiencies

    • Ability to read medical terminology
    • Ability to write prescription and maintain records
    • Capable of providing emotional stability to patients and their family members and treating them with compassion
    • Ability to work well independently, in the absence of physicians, for example taking care of patients post-operatively and examining them
    • Ability to become a people person in order to deal and communicate with people from different backgrounds
    • Ability to work along with other staff members like nurses, physicians, psychologists, therapists, physicians etc
    • Strong patient assessment skills
    • Good judgement skills


    Health and Care Hospital, Georgia
    Physician Assistant
    November 2012- present
    Job Responsibilities:

    • Attending emergencies and helping surgeons during surgeries
    • Checking progress of patients’ health, patients’ reaction to medicines, keeping record of treatments and surgeries
    • Assessing the health of patients by asking them questions about their health and treating them with utmost care; fulfilling their demands to the limit, that is possible
    • Providing immense help to physicians by recognizing long-term and short-term patient care issues that need to be addressed, recommending possible treatment options and related course of action and implementing instructions given by the physician
    • Providing therapeutic treatment and counseling patients regarding how to carry on with exercise routine and treatment processes at home
    • Writing prescriptions, documenting patient care services, preparing patients for examinations and conducting normal medical procedures like monitoring blood pressure

    Educational Qualifications

    University of Medicine and Dentistry of New York, New York
    M.S. Physician Assistant Studies, 2009

    Georgia State University, Georgia
    Bachelor of Science, Zoology, 2006


    Georgia Institute of Medicine and Advanced Technology
    NCCPA Certification: Patient Care Technician, 2011
    Licensed as a Physician’s Assistant in the State of Georgia

    If you are writing a physician assistant entry level resume, put focus on your skill sets and academic background including certification. On the other hand, if you are an experienced person, you must write your physician assistant resume by following the above sample. Again you must research on some sample physician assistant cover letter and write a cover letter on your own that should be accompanied with your resume.

    Physical Therapist Resume Sample

    A good resume underscores the importance of your achievements. Besides listing your education and credentials, it provides you opportunities to safeguard yourself by showing your level of competition, when you mention something like winning some awards or recognition. The reader might not be aware of a program, honor or award ceremony where you were nominated or awarded; but reading the same in your resume may influence them about your social presence. This is true for a physical therapist resume also.


    Physical therapists are licensed health care people who aim to treat patients facing problems of mobility and physical injuries. They work to reduce patients’ pain, restore bodily function and prevent disability thereby contributing in the patients’ overall development of physical fitness and wellness.

    In this post, you will get a glance of the usual job responsibilities, abilities and education required for the position of a physical therapist.

    Job Description of a Physical Therapist

    A physical therapist works in impatient rehabilitation facilities, education or research centers, outpatient clinics, physicians’ offices, schools, fitness centers, sports training academies, hospitals and practices the following activities:

    • Develops plans to make patients regain mobility through strength training, exercises, stretching etc.
    • Tracks health progress and report, accordingly to families of patients.
    • Directs and administers treatment methods like massaging, utilizing stimulator, hydrotherapy tanks, moist packs, cool packs, ultrasound machines, ultraviolet and infrared lamps etc.
    • Ensures continuity of therapy treatment following discharge by planning home exercise programs, recommending assistive equipment and home health follow-up programs.
    • Maintains records of patients.
    • Travels to patients’ home to conduct the same types of treatment and diagnosis as they do in a medical setting.

    Skills of a Physical Therapist

    • Motor skills: the ability to bend, twist and lift in order to help a patient moving from one surface to another; the ability to kneel, pull, crawl or push in order to perform exercises with patients; that is to say, the physical therapist should be physically agile to perform all exercises that patient perform.
    • Science skills: the ability to collect, measure, reason and analyze data.
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Observational skills
    • Ability to motivate patients and treat them with compassion

    Physical Therapist Resume Sample

    Christopher J. Johnson
    93 Brooklyn Avenue, Arizona


    A versatile and certified physical therapist with 8+ years of experience in working with a number of patients having varying disorders limiting their mobility. Possesses good knowledge and prediction on physical principles, experience in treating children, adolescent and adult patients and ability to make patients feel at ease while improving recovery rates.

    Skills and Proficiencies

    • Excellent knowledge of human behavior, psychological research methods and treatment of affective and behavioural disorders.
    • Good knowledge of various methods and procedures required for treatment and diagnosis, rehabilitation of mental and physical dysfunctions.
    • Ability to observe patients.
    • Ability to take charge and offer suggestions and directions.
    • Good motor skills involving physical strength.
    • Capability to show concern for patients’ needs and feelings and display a friendly, cooperative attitude.
    • Analytical thinking skills.
    • Socially-oriented to work with others.


    Spine and Bone Orthopedics
    Physical Assistant
    April 2009- present
    Job Responsibilities:

    • Handling patients suffering from back pain, fractures, sports injuries, arthritis, traumatic brain injury, paralysis etc. and restoring their body’s functionality and mobility.
    • Modifying traditional therapies and procedures to suit particular requirements of individual patients, in discussion with physicians and surgeons.
    • Performing prognostic and diagnostic tests to evaluate nerve, joint, muscle and functional abilities, analysing the test results and planning therapies and other processes accordingly.
    • Providing training to nurses and entry-level physical therapists as well as family members of patients.
    • Assisting patients to get adapted to the use of different equipment like braces, canes, wheelchair, crutches and other orthotic devices.
    • Showing flexibility and maintaining good relationships with colleagues, physicians, patients and their family member.

    Educational Qualifications

    Arizona State University, Arizona
    Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2008

    Central College of Science and Technology, Arizona
    Bachelor of Science: Zoology, 2004


    Licensed Physical Therapist State of Arizona, 2008- present

    An entry level physical therapist resume must be written tactically to impress the employer with the candidate’s academic achievements and abilities for the particular job. Whether you are looking for your first job or opting for a mid-career job shift, a well-formatted and drafted resume will definitely show employers how you stood from the rest gunning for that very same position.