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The hospitality resume helps you with some of the best resume sample for all the hospitality jobs available in the industry.

Event Coordinator Resume Sample

An event coordinator looks after all the aspects of an event like weddings, conferences, private occasions, corporate parties, award ceremonies, conventions etc. Event coordinators also known as event specialists or event planners are responsible for the smooth running of a program. If you want to build your career as an event coordinator and looking for… Read More »

Restaurant Hostess Resume Sample

A restaurant hostess is one whom we often meet in restaurants. Her role is immensely important as she becomes the face of a restaurant’s hospitality. She greets eaters and pleases them with her impressive personality and smiling face. She needs to be very patient as she has to deal with a lot of customers with… Read More »

Housekeeper Resume Sample

Housekeepers are persons who do cleaning work in offices, hotels, schools, hospitals and private households. They are known as housekeeping workers or house persons also. They are responsible for keeping the places, they are assigned to, neat and clean. Thus they remain busy and active all throughout their shift. Although they work in crowded areas… Read More »

Chef Resume Sample

A chef is a skilled professional who looks after the kitchen operations in restaurants, restaurant chains, private houses belonging to celebrities or busy families, coffee shops, cruise ships or any establishment offering food services. Being an expert in food making, a chef does wonders in the kitchen even with the most common ingredients. Most chefs… Read More »

Waitress Resume Sample

A waitress resume sample will help you in documenting your own resume if you are applying for the same job profile. The waitress is responsible for taking orders from the customers, passing them to the chefs, and serving food and beverages. Thus, while applying for a waitress job, one must ensure that they particularly specify… Read More »

Restaurant Manager Resume Sample

A restaurant manager is a person who ensures the overall restaurant management and efficient functioning of a restaurant. He or she is responsible to manage the chefs, kitchen staff, cashiers, waiters, bartenders, counter attendants, housekeeping, etc. Thus, this job profile is one of the most responsible profiles and requires relevant qualification, skills and experience. Candidate… Read More »

Bartender Resume Sample

The bartender resume sample will help you understand how to draft an effective award winning resume. This resume example will guide you on drafting an attractive bartender resume objective and skills sections, thus making your resume all the more impressive. A bartender is responsible for undertaking several tasks from greeting customers at the bar counter… Read More »