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The manager resume helps you with some of the best resume sample for all the manager jobs available in the industry.

Retail Store Manager Resume Sample

A retail store manager, as the name suggests is one who works in a retail store to meet sales and profit goals and enhance customer satisfaction thereby bringing more business for the store. Like other managers, a retail store manger needs to manage the store’s staff efficiently. All the staff including the manager carries on… Read More »

Program Manager Resume Sample

A well-structured program manager resume written professionally makes you look more professional to the hiring managers. It makes them feel like you possess all the required skills that they would like to utilize for their companies’ benefits. Candidates keep posting their updated resumes on career websites, which help them get exposure on the Internet. If… Read More »

Human Resource Manager Resume Sample

The term ‘human resource’ has become very relevant since the past decade when modernisation has been taking place at a very fast pace. The field of Human Resources (HR) is made up of a number of subdivisions, each of which is characterised by a set of employment regulations and specific practices and policies. HR assistants,… Read More »

Customer Service Manager Resume Sample

Customer service managers look after the business interests of customers. For them, their customers are first. They work in a variety of areas or field like telecommunications, finance, retail, health etc. and work at different levels from front office to head office. They are also known by other job titles such as corporate services manager,… Read More »

Property Manager Resume Sample

A resume can be defined as a marketing brochure which may help you in getting an edge against applicants vying for the post advertised. As recruiters keep on comparing resumes to select who to interview, it is significant that you prepare a well-formatted resume. If you are seeking a property manager position in any company/organization,… Read More »

Assistant Manager Resume Sample

A resume is a tool which shows you the path towards a great career. Although it is a one- or two-page document, its value is immense. It contains essential information about your familiarity with a particular job role, your abilities, work experience and academic background. In this post we will go through an assistant manager… Read More »

Sales Manager Resume Sample

Sales management is the act of planning, budgeting, meeting and exceeding the sales goal of a company. Sales managers are persons who manage and guide a group of sales people, responsible for generating revenues and earning profits for their company. The process of sales management includes sales planning, reporting and systematic approach to gain maximum… Read More »

Operations Manager Resume Sample

Operations managers in most industries or organizations are assigned with the duties of planning and directing operations, co-ordinating and supervising the activities of various departments, organizing recruitment and placement processes with the aim of improving work performance and productivity. They oversee goods production and provision of services. They set and review budgets, research new technologies… Read More »

Marketing Manager Resume Sample

A marketing manager is the person who is primarily responsible for promoting a company’s product or service. Sometimes he/she looks after a broad array of products or services; again he/she may be in charge of a particular product or brand. They need to be smart, outspoken, detail-oriented and highly-focussed, since reputation of their companies rest… Read More »