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Physician Assistant Resume Sample

Physician assistants are people who work with surgeons, physicians and other healthcare workers to examine and treat patients. They practice in all fields of medicine that include family medicine, general internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, primary care, surgery and psychiatry. They carry their roles in hospitals, physicians’ offices and also other healthcare settings. If you… Read More »

Physical Therapist Resume Sample

A good resume underscores the importance of your achievements. Besides listing your education and credentials, it provides you opportunities to safeguard yourself by showing your level of competition, when you mention something like winning some awards or recognition. The reader might not be aware of a program, honor or award ceremony where you were nominated… Read More »

Home Health Aide Resume Sample

A resume is vital in searching the right kind of jobs that you would like to consider for a bright future. It is also instrumental in getting you the right job that will help you shine in your career. It is like a good friend who always emphasizes your goodness and ignores the ‘not-so-good’ qualities.… Read More »

Pharmacist Resume Sample

A pharmacist is a community helper, a healthcare professional who work in a variety of settings in order to promote health awareness. To be more specific, such a person advises patients on how the later should use medicines effectively, monitors patients’ health, answers their queries regarding medicines and composition of drugs and work with other… Read More »

Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample

The pharmacy technician resume sample will guide you in drafting your resume while apply for this job position. The pharmacy technician is responsible to work alongside the pharmacist and provide customers with the prescribed medications. Usually, he or she receives written prescription from the doctors and it’s their duty to provide the patients with the… Read More »