Driver Resume Sample

By | July 28, 2016
Driving may be your passion or necessity. If you have good driving skills and wish to have a career as a driver, you need to prepare a professional resume in order to enhance your chances during interviews. You can start off by going through some driver resumes on the Internet. Also you need to know the basic rules of resume-writing like the right structure, format and wording and the common mistakes to avoid.


For example, including some negative statements regarding your previous employer puts you in a bad light as this might cause you to seem unfaithful. An eye-catching resume must be crisp, full of essential details yet readable. Use of bombastic words, phrases, many colors and tables are a strictly no-no. All these are also relevant for writing a driver resume.

Whether you want to become a car driver, delivery driver, paratransit driver, valet driver or a personal driver, having a quick glance at the following driver resume sample that will surely help you while applying for your preferred job.

Job Description of a Driver

Since there are different types of truck drivers like concrete truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, forklift drivers, dump truck drivers, company truck drivers, etc. the responsibilities will differ as per their roles. The common responsibilities are:
  • Driving vehicles to drop or pick people, company employees
  • Transporting materials to specific destinations
  • Taking the best route possible with the aim of saving time and fuel
  • Cleaning vehicles and maintaining those
  • Performing physical tasks like loading and unloading materials, luggage etc.
  • Behaving well with passengers
  • Inspecting vehicles before leaving for a journey
  • Ensuring vehicles are fit for operation
  • Ensuring all passengers wear seat belts
  • Observing all traffic rules
  • If a rental vehicle is used, then taking appropriate measures to safeguard the vehicle

Skills and Proficiencies of a Driver

A driver must have:

  • Physical fitness
  • Excellent knowledge of road safety and traffic rules
  • Thorough understanding of the functionality of the vehicle he/she is using
  • Capability to read the route maps and use GPS effectively to choose the shortest/best route
  • Basic knowledge and experience of performing general maintenance work for all/majority of the vehicle types
  • Ability to maintain vehicle in good condition always including cleaning the inside and outside of vehicle
  • Ability to complete paperwork
  • Patience towards other road users and a helping, friendly attitude towards all passengers
  • Good communication skills

Driver Resume Sample

Victor Kaif
37 Hyatt Regency Road, Ohio


A dedicated, hard-working and reliable delivery driver with 5+ years of experience in car-driving and a proven record of delivering shipments within set timelines. Possesses excellent knowledge of traffic rules, good physical agility and ability to maintain records regarding delivery progress.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Well-maintained physique with good stamina
  • Brilliant eye-hand co-ordination
  • Clean driving record without any traffic violation
  • Possesses valid driver’s license
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Familiarity with safety rules
  • Ability to maintain clean and neat appearance
  • Areas of expertise: route scheduling, GPS Navigation, map reading, vehicle maintenance, long distance driving, loading and unloading heavy items etc.


Food n Snax Catering Services, Ohio
Delivery Driver
March 2011- present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Delivering number of customer orders in each run, taking payments and calculating those
  • Providing coupons, special menus and special offers to top clients in order to increase sales
  • Asking customers for feedback on the delivery services and handling their complaints as well
  • Operating delivery vehicle safely while following traffic rules and regulations
  • Checking loaded items/packets against order tickets and helping delivery men in moving items from van without any sort of damage
  • Inspecting delivery van before and after each journey and ensuring all preventive maintenance rules are conducted

Educational Qualifications

St. Xaviers School, Ohio
High School Diploma, 2010

You can customize this delivery driver resume format. But your own driver resume should not be a mere copy of the mentioned resume. It should be as original as your personal traits and professional achievements. This one-page document must demonstrate your ability to perform your duties, as a driver to the maximum. Preparing an error-free, eye-grabbing resume will help you win half of the battle; again preparing for interviews and faring well during the processes will help you get selected for the best job.


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