Engineering Resume Template

By | July 29, 2014

The engineering resume template will give you a sample resume outline of your resume. The template then includes a format along with different important sections to be included in your resume. The format and sections make it easy for you to avoid any formatting issues and include every single important aspect that makes your resume job winning.

However, before we move on to the engineering resume template, let’s first understand the different sections that make your resume all the more worth and things to remember while drafting these sections.

Points to Remember While Writing your Engineering Resume Template

Since we all know that a job of an engineer is highly technical and requires high dedication, problem solving skills and professionalism, one must ensure to portray the same in their resume. Below are some of the important sections to be included in your resume and tips on drafting them.

  • Summary/Career Objective: The objective statement in your resume tells the employer who you are, about your career plans and how you are eligible to achieve them. Though you got to mention all these things, you got to keep your objective statement precise yet striking. Hence, one must ensure to make use of some power keywords related to the engineering industry while writing their objective statement.
  • Skills and Proficiencies: No doubt an engineer boasts of several skills and proficiencies. However, you must be smart enough to recognize the potential you mention here. Go through the employer’s requirements and understand the skills to accomplish those duties. Then draft these skills using proper industry related keywords. These keeps the employers attached to your resume and realize that you are an appropriate candidate.
  • Job Experience: If you a non-experienced candidate, you still need to include this section in your resume and mention about your internship projects. If you are experienced candidate with prior job experience, it’s well and good. Include detailed information about your prior employers, your job profiles, associated year with that company, and job duties performed there. This will help the employer understand your experience and knowledge level.
  • Educational Qualification: Do not miss on this section and mention detailed information about your qualification along with any additional courses accomplished. Do not forget to mention the College/University you applied from and the year you completed the course.

The above are some of the important sections you need to include in your resume without fail. Now take a look at the Engineering Resume Template below to get an idea about formatting your resume.


Full Name
Full Address
Contact Number
Professional E-mail Address


Include your engineering resume objective statement here. Keep it restricted to 2-3 lines and try to cover as much points as possible.


Include all the relevant skills and proficiencies of an engineer under this section. Mention them all in bullet points.


Your prior job experiences go here. Keep it in the ascending order with your latest employer first and then the preceding ones.


Your qualifications and additional course details go here.


Your personal information like name, date of birth, gender, marital status, and nationality goes under this section.


This is an optional section and the reference details can also be provided on request.

Hope the above engineering resume template guide you in drafting your engineering resume. You can copy the above format itself and compose your own resume.

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