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By | July 23, 2014


The graphic designer resume sample will guide you in drafting an awesomely creative and captivating resume that can get you your dream job. A graphic designer is responsible for designing creative images with a high visual impact.

Today is the world of graphics and visualization. Any creative art is much more captivated than text or any other gimmick. Hence, graphics today has become one of the most pivotal necessities for almost all industries and specifically for marketing their products.

Thus, the requirement for good graphic designers is always high within this competitive market. So, how can you sell yourself and your talent to these companies with the help of your resume? There are several ways to make your resume all the more interesting and grabbing any job you want. And same goes with the job of a graphics designer. However, to document the best resume one must first understand the job description and the skills of a graphics designer.

Job Description of a Graphics Designer

Along with designing creative arts, a graphic artist is also responsible for undertaking several duties. Following are some of the important duties one need to perform with this job profile:

  • Attending client meetings to understand the business objectives and client requirements
  • Understanding the client needs and developing a concept that matches their requirements
  • Interacting with the client on the concepts and getting them approved
  • Estimating the approximate time required to complete the work and provide quotes to clients
  • Gather information and data through research and develop design briefs
  • Think creatively and use innovative ideas to come up with new concepts and designs
  • Presenting the finalized work to the clients and take their feedbacks

Skills and Proficiencies of a Graphic Designer

A graphic artist should have several skills and proficiencies that help him/her in matching the job requirements and coming up with creative arts. Following are some of the most essential skills and proficiencies of a graphics designer:

  • Expert knowledge of important design software like Coral Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, FreeHand, etc.
  • Written and verbal communication skills that would help you in communicating with the clients and understand their requirements without any mistakes
  • Ability to commission photographers, illustrators, copy writers, etc.
  • Creative abilities to come up with exceptional concept and promotional ideas
  • Demonstrating concepts and designs to the clients

Now that you have understood some of the basic and most important duties and skills of a graphics artist, let’s take a look at a graphic designer resume sample to learn how it’s drafted.


Mark P. McGowan
144 Cheshire Road, Norwalk, CT 06854


A Graphics Designer with 5+ years of professional experience seeking for a compelling job where my creative skills are challenged. Seeking a job position in the creative team where I can apply my knowledge of diverse design skills set and graphics art.


  • Experience in designing logos, corporate identity, advertisements, sales collaterals, catalogs, client presentations, newsletters, etc.
  • Ability to bring fresh perspective to the brand without losing original intent
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to interact with clients and understand their requirements
  • Proven presentation skills with expertise in demonstrating the designs to the clients and getting their approval
  • Brainstorming and developing new concepts and ideas to boast the brand
  • Excellent team player and ability to work in groups to complete a desired task


Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Permiere
Quack Express Front Page Corel Draw
Adobe Flash Adobe PageMaker Adobe AfterEffects
HTML/CSS Adobe Dreamweaver MAYA


Graphics Designer
Fresh Media Solutions, Norwalk, CT
2010 – Present

  • Attend client meetings and understand their brand and promotion requirements
  • Come up with innovative concepts and get approval from the clients
  • Carry out detailed research and create design briefs for approval
  • Estimate the time required to complete the designs and send quotes accordingly
  • Complete the designs by coordinating with photographers and copy writers
  • Send out the completed designs to the clients for feedback
  • Carry out brain storming sessions to come up with new concepts and innovative ideas

Graphics Designer (Intern)
Smart Media Works, Norwalk, CT
2009 – 2010

  • Attend briefing sessions from account managers and understand the client requirements
  • Come up with innovative concepts and ideas to match client branding
  • Develop design briefs and submit them to Sr. Graphics Designer to get feedbacks
  • Generate design presentations for clients
  • Design logos, collaterals, newsletters and advertisements for the clients


Bachelor in Fine Arts, Norwalk University – 2010
Design Communication Arts Certificate, Norwalk Design Institute – 2010


Name: Mark P. McGowan
Date of Birth: Jan 5, 1988
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: American


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Hope the above Graphics Designer Resume Sample helps you in drafting your own resume. You can edit the above resume itself and make necessary changes to make it yours. Hope this sample resume help you with all the information required for composing an efficient resume.


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