Home Health Aide Resume Sample

By | March 17, 2016
A resume is vital in searching the right kind of jobs that you would like to consider for a bright future. It is also instrumental in getting you the right job that will help you shine in your career. It is like a good friend who always emphasizes your goodness and ignores the ‘not-so-good’ qualities. You must create a resume that gets straight to the point.


These points are true for writing your Home Health Aide resume sample. A Home Health Aide works under the supervision of a doctor or Registered Nurse and provides care to aged, disabled or convalescent persons. ‘Care’ in this context, means both medical and non-medical care; thus providing any type of health aid comes under the job responsibilities of a Home Health Aide.

Giving medication, helping with medical equipment, assisting patients in completing their daily activities like feeding, bathing and grooming, checking blood sugar levels, body temperature, pulse rate etc. are the typical job duties.

Have a look at the following resume that will guide you writing your own resume, mentioning your proficiencies and work history in a clear way.

Home Health Aide Resume Sample

Elly R. Clarks
Listor Road, Ohio
Email: elly.clarks@example.com


A compassionate and highly-talented Home Health Aide with 7+ years of experience in caring for aged, handicapped, lonely and depressed persons and providing them physical and emotional support required for living a good life. With strong patient care skills, interpersonal skills and ability to learn new tasks and take decisions independently, looking forward to work with Ohio Rehabilitation Centre, with the aim of making contribution to my society.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Remarkable ability to work with diverse patients.
  • Passionate and self-motivated.
  • Profound ability to motivate patients to co-operate with nurses and doctors and follow prescribed lifestyle and treatment processes.
  • Excellent ability to assess patients’ needs.
  • Ability to help patients and elderly people in their daily chores, with smiling face.
  • Sound knowledge of emergency protocols.
  • Brilliant interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to learn new activities.
  • Maintain composure even in emergency situations.

Educational Qualifications

National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) Certification
Certified Home Health Aide, 2008
Central School, Ohio
Diploma in Healthcare Studies, 2006


Life Care Old Age Home, Ohio
Home Health Aide
January 2013-till present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Building rapport with highly depressed people and motivating them to enjoy the beauties of life.
  • Dealing with them in a dignified manner while respecting their privacy.
  • Conducting small housekeeping duties.
  • Administering prescribed medicines on a daily basis.
  • Monitoring elderly persons’ condition by checking blood sugar levels, pulse rate, body temperature, exercise routines and making accurate reports for submission to physicians.
  • Helping these people with walking aids or artificial limbs.
  • Changing bed sheets, ironing laundry and providing patients with clean clothes.
  • Accompanying the elderly to doctors’ clinic or hospitals, other trips and entertaining them.
  • Providing massage to patients and applying treatments and preparation.
  • Checking the quality of food to be served to the elderly.
  • Monitoring vital signs and keeping records.
  • Educating other staff about nutrition, hygiene and cleanliness.

Home Health Aide
February 2009- December 2012
Job Responsibilities:

  • Was responsible for taking care of handicapped persons.
  • Monitored patients’ condition by checking blood sugar levels, pulse rate, intake and output, exercise routines and made accurate reports for submission to physicians.
  • Helped handicapped persons move in and out of beds, automobiles or wheelchairs and in performing their routine tasks like eating, dressing, bathing and grooming.
  • Planned, cooked and served meals to patients as advised by physicians and dieticians.
  • Administered prescribed medicines on time and report to nurses and physicians, if the patients showed any side effects or unexpected symptoms.
  • Entertained, read aloud to patients, watched television and actively conversed with patients to make them feel happy.
  • Listened to patients’ past experiences and stories and provided them emotional support.
  • Educated patients and their families about lifestyle modifications, adaptation to disability or illness, benefits of having healthy body and mind, nutrition and cleanliness etc.
  • Advised patients about how to use cane, walker or wheelchair, special techniques and equipment for personal use.
  • Assisted with ambulation when necessary.

A resume based on the above sample will surely help you beat the rat-race in this competitive world and make way for a superior job selection.