Housekeeper Resume Sample

By | March 18, 2016
Housekeepers are persons who do cleaning work in offices, hotels, schools, hospitals and private households. They are known as housekeeping workers or house persons also. They are responsible for keeping the places, they are assigned to, neat and clean. Thus they remain busy and active all throughout their shift. Although they work in crowded areas mostly, they are expected to perform their duties without disturbing people around.


Job Description of a Housekeeper

The essential duties of a housekeeper are to clean rooms and keep those tidy. They-

  • Clean rooms including washrooms by the use of different cleaning and sanitizing chemicals and materials.
  • Mop floors and tiles by waxing and scrubbing.
  • Wash woodwork, door panels, sills and windows.
  • Dust objects and items like office desks, hospital tables, doctor’s desk etc.
  • Use vacuum cleaners to keep every nook and corner clean.
  • Wash carpets, curtains and other clothes.
  • Clean cooking and dining areas.
  • Restock supplies and move lightweight objects.

Skills and Proficiencies of a Housekeeper

An efficient housekeeper must have:

  • Tremendous physical strength and energy.
  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • In-depth knowledge of different cleaning methods and procedures.
  • Familiarity with the safe use of various kinds of chemicals.
  • Ability to maintain all standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Keeping a positive attitude to work.
  • Good time management and multi-tasking skills.


A housekeeper’s job may be rewarding if you like to do physically challenging work and have the required skill set. Although there is no fixed educational requirement, employers prefer candidates with a high school diploma with associate degree or bachelor’s degree for jobs like hotel housekeeper, executive housekeeper etc. You might not need a formal education if you are applying for a private household. Thus requirements will vary as per the employers’ choices.

Housekeeper Resume Sample

Sandra Williams
Elvins Avenue, Nebraska


A self-motivated, reliable and hard-working housekeeper with 6+ years of experience in delivering outstanding housekeeping services. Physically agile with a proactive attitude towards work and ability to work for long hours even in difficult situations, looking forward to build my career in a reputed school like Little Imagination in order to push existing limits and explore new territories.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Good organizational skills.
  • Careful about details and nuances.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to encourage staff.
  • Ability to follow work-related directions.
  • Excellent numeric ability.
  • Possessing social perceptiveness.
  • Ability to monitor other’s performances.
  • Possessing immense physical strength.
  • Ability to accept criticism in a positive light, avoid aggressive behavior and maintain composure even in the most difficult situations.

Educational Qualifications

Central College, Nebraska
Bachelor of Arts, 2009


Meriam Hotels n Associates, Nebraska
April 2010-present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Cleans rooms, lounges, lobbies, kitchen etc.
  • Washes rugs, carpets, bed sheets, towels and curtains.
  • Dusts furniture and rooms.
  • Wipes downs doors, windows and mirrors till the point these become spotless.
  • Cleans the closet.
  • Makes beds that include removing and replacing bed sheets, pillow covers and replacing mattress pads whenever necessary.
  • Vacuums and racks carpets.
  • Replenishes amenities, bath supplies and complimentary food items.
  • Takes garbage cans from the main rooms and bathrooms, empty and replace those.
  • Collects garbage like wrappers, tissues, bottles or other trashes lying around in order to make rooms look clean and spotless.
  • Cleans bathrooms that include cleaning sink, tub/shower and sanitizing toilet; wiping down the walls and mopping the floor with chemicals to make those germ-free and look new.
  • Sprays air fresheners to keep rooms and corridors smell fresh.
  • Replaces tube lights and bulbs.
  • Repairs fixtures and helps plumbers and electricians as and when required.
  • Maintains good relationships with all staff like other housekeepers and laundry suppliers.
  • Follows instructions by housekeeping supervisors.
  • Actively participates in training sessions.

Your resume explains your responsibilities, if you are an experienced candidate. If you are applying for an entry-level housekeeper position, it will make the reader realize how you think, your skill sets will fit into the overall goals of the company or institution you will be working with. Whether you have experience or not, draft a resume that will reflect your self-confidence and make them believe in your proficiencies and work history, if any.