Human Resource Manager Resume Sample

By | April 29, 2016

The term ‘human resource’ has become very relevant since the past decade when modernisation has been taking place at a very fast pace. The field of Human Resources (HR) is made up of a number of subdivisions, each of which is characterised by a set of employment regulations and specific practices and policies. HR assistants, HR generalists, HR managers and HR directors are some key positions in a company or organization.


In this post we are going to discuss about HR managers, their roles and skills. Such managers supervise the overall administrative functions, take responsibility for recruiting and coaching employees and also look after their safety and welfare. A human resource manager resume will be cited to get a clear understanding of the same job profile.

Job Description of a Human Resource Manager

The typical duties of a HR manager are to:

  • Prepare job advertisements and job descriptions in order to recruit new employees
  • Short-list candidates for interviews
  • Handle grievances and implement disciplinary actions in accordance with the policies of the organization
  • Plan, implement and also evaluate organization’s human resources policies, systems and programs
  • Counsel managers on how to select candidate
  • Conduct and analyze exit interviews
  • Manage and supervise a performance appraisal system that boosts quality performance
  • Act as a link between the management and employees by handling complains and thereby maintain a positive work environment
  • Maintain benefit programs and pay plans
  • Act for sustaining and upholding present and future business goals of organizations though developing, motivating and preserving human capital

Skills and Proficiencies of a Human Resource Manager

An HR manager must possess:

  • An orderly approach and time-management abilities
  • An ability to deal with multiple situations
  • Strong skills to deal with grey, which means handling not-so-easy-to-solve issues
  • Ethical attitude towards work which helps in maintaining confidential information appropriately
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills since they must appear convincing and caring in their acts and behavior
  • Conflict management skills to make the workstation a happy place for all employees
  • Ability to create a balance between addressing employees’ concerns and enforcing top management’s policies thereby winning trust from both the parties


You have to complete a bachelor’s degree program in human resource through a business or management school.

Human Resource Manager Resume Sample

Linda Lewis
55 Martina’s Street, New York


A smart and intelligent manager with knowledge of the best human resource practices and systems and experience of how to put them in practise for achieving the business goals of an organization. An expert in planning policies for boosting employees’ performance, satisfaction and retention and identifying talent, looking for a talented position in a company offering chances for constant professional growth.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to shoulder responsibility of man power planning, as a whole
  • Ability to co-ordinate with the finance department in order to process employees’ payments
  • Developing training and induction programs and other HR policies in compliance with the organization’s business objectives and policies
  • Capability to interact with all employees and management levels
  • Implementing the performance appraisal system for the organization in discussion with other line managers
  • Organizational and time-management skills


Oris Software Solutions, New York
Human Resource Manager
February 2011- till present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Hiring, training employees and identifying their training needs; making them aware of the company’s rules and policies
  • Conducting exit interviews and dealing with the final settlement of employees leaving the company
  • Advising other managers on staff promotion and retention, planning, budgeting and cost-controlling
  • Investigating grievances and disciplinary issues
  • Creating innovative compensation structure with the aim of improving employee morale and work performance
  • Assisting in resolving day-to-day human resource issues thereby bridging the gap between upper management and employees and nurturing a healthy environment

Educational Qualifications

Masters of Business Administration
New York Central University, 2010

Bachelor’s of Business Administration
New York Central University, 2007

The roles and responsibilities of a manager are more or less similar in all the companies. Don’t copy the contents of this human resource resume sample. You need to put fresh content for your human resource manager resume or a resume for human resource executive. To stand out from the crowd, you must show in the resume how your skills and expertise may help in delivering value to the company, you will be working for.