Marketing Manager Resume Sample

By | March 27, 2016
A marketing manager is the person who is primarily responsible for promoting a company’s product or service. Sometimes he/she looks after a broad array of products or services; again he/she may be in charge of a particular product or brand. They need to be smart, outspoken, detail-oriented and highly-focussed, since reputation of their companies rest a lot, on their shoulders.


Job Description of a Marketing Manager

A marketing manager with his carefully chosen words, advertising strategies and charming personality does a lot to retain his/her companies’ image. Although they use public speaking events, print or digital advertisements, endorsements etc. to do this; sometimes they need to be extra-cautious and use their creativity and presence of mind for immediate damage control. This happens when a company’s representative holds a negative image mistakenly in front of general public or an issue in a product is recognized after it becomes available in the market. Usually a marketing manager:

  • Plans campaigns and other marketing activities
  • Determines the marketability of new services or products
  • Remains aware of a product’s weaknesses and strengths
  • Researches and analyses current market trends
  • Uses social media for devising advertisement strategies
  • After deciding marketing budgets, sometimes, they negotiate contracts required for different types of advertisements
  • Attends sales meetings and trade shows
  • Works with marketing executives and assistants and motivates them for successful completing of campaigns

Workplace and Working hours of a Marketing Manager

Marketing managers work in a typical office setting although they are required to travel for meeting new clients, doing market analysis and meeting print production and /or video production companies.

As with other office working hours, marketing managers also spend the same amount of time in an office. Sometimes they need to work for irregular hours during campaign launches or while attending conferences, exhibitions and trade events.

Now that you are aware of the responsibilities, skills, workplace and working hours of job profile, you may like to spend time reading the following resume sample.

Marketing Manager Resume Sample

Angelina P. Rodger
34 Fort Collins Avenue, New York


An innovative, tech-savvy and detail-oriented marketing manager having a wide experience of 10 years working with sales department, juggling several projects at once and formulating and executing marketing policies that satisfy customer requirements and fuel overall profit margins of the company.

Key Skills and Core Competencies

  • Ability to show innovative business solutions
  • Ability to visualize what the company requires for a brand/ product in future, thus preventing dysfunctions at later phases
  • Possesses in-depth knowledge of various tools and technologies required for marketing a product
  • Ability to identify target audience and their requirements
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Passionate about the brand/product advertised
  • Ability to lead and motivate within a team environment
  • Remarkable capability to build and focus on relationships
  • Good know-how on development processes
  • Brilliant presentation skills

Educational Qualifications

Harilton University, New York
Master’s Degree in Marketing, 2005

St. Cathedral College, New York
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, 2003


Alchemist Marketing Solutions, New York
Marketing Manager
March 2006- present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Conducts customer surveys for understanding their requirements at present and estimating the same for future. Gets in the shoes of the customers to understand them and their needs
  • Uses tools like metrics and analysis to execute business plans accurately
  • Conducts online campaigns and uses digital/social media as a platform for such campaigns
  • Ensures that all campaigns run on budget and gets completed on time
  • Prepares pricing strategies of products
  • Researches competitor products and improves many strategies based on these researches
  • Negotiates with vendors and suppliers for contract distribution
  • Acts as the primary copywriter on advertising campaigns for successful product launches
  • Creates concepts for journal ads, sales collateral for different clients and projects and also for direct mail campaigns
  • Manages sponsorships for events and conferences
  • Addresses issues that arise with time among the sales, finance and operational departments, with a holistic approach
  • Maintains professional and co-ordeal relationships with team members, clients and stake holders of the company

Once you shortlist your preferred list of companies, tailor-made your marketing manager resume as per the requirements of each job position. Proofread your resume before sending. With correct, relevant information your resume will definitely help you getting the post you have long desired for. Hope this marketing manager resume sample helps you in drafting your resume.