Network Administrator Resume Sample

By | May 1, 2016

Network administrators are people responsible for the smooth running of an organization’s computer network. The main areas of focus are on-site servers, network resilience and software-network interactions; although the job responsibilities may depend on the size and socio-economic considerations of the organization, a network administrator is working for. Also the complexities of networks define the roles to a great extent.


If you are a person who have studied technology and computers and thinking about a flourishing career in information technology, becoming a network admin may be a judicious and sensible decision. In our everyday life, we are dependent on computer systems in a number of ways like checking our bank balance online or reading some article or writing on the Internet. So if you plan to become a network administrator to work on computer systems and look for jobs, you will require a network administrator resume.

Job Description of a Network Administrator

  • Creating the design of a network and setting up the network that includes installing hardware and configuring databases, routers, hosts and network configuration servers
  • Maintaining the network that includes administering network security and network services and troubleshooting problems related to the network
  • Maintaining network facilities in individual machines
  • Administering routers, firewalls, switches, software deployment, smartphones, printers, desktop computers
  • Identifying the needs of users
  • Filtering emails and internet
  • Ensuring the maintenance of computer hardware and network infrastructure that are related to the data network of a company
  • Expanding the features and services of the network
  • Evaluating network performance

Skills of a Network Administrator

A successful network or system administrator must have:

  • Thorough understanding of common network protocols and the basic principles of networking
  • Good know-how of one or more network systems and key network services
  • Project management skills
  • Technical and IT skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good team working skills
  • An eye for detail
  • Ability to take initiative on one’s own


You need to possess a bachelor’s degree in a computer related field. Going through a certification program may be an added advantage. These programs provide a general outlook on network systems. There are vendor-specific applications also.

Network Administrator Resume Sample

Carla Christopher
Lake Road City, Hawaii


A result-driven and focussed network engineer with 8+ years of experience in system administration, network and hardware maintenance and configuration and setting up of hardware and software application services. Seeking a challenging role in a company that will provide ample avenues to nurture my technical abilities and grow professionally.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to thrive in challenging environments
  • Excellent know-how in Bridging and switching concepts
  • Proficiency in system administration, maintenance of hardware and network, operating systems like Linux and Windows (all versions)
  • Demonstrated ability to install, configure and administer network technologies
  • Trouble shooting and problem-solving skills
  • Strong team working skills
  • Ability to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with clients

Technical Skills

  • Protocols: TCP/IP, DHCP, RIP2
  • LAN, WAN, Cisco firewall, VLAN
  • Router and VPN configuration
  • Server hardware, routing, LAN environments, PC Desktop
  • Security-firewalls and Security applications
  • Recovery of root password securing terminals
  • Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL servers
  • Windows 98\ ME\ Xp\ 2000\2003 Server\ 2008 Server\ Linux Server


Network and Technology World LTD, Hawaii
Network Administrator
June 2008- till present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Configuring and maintaining firewalls
  • Identifying and delivering required technical training for users; ensuring availability of adequate technical support and also performing capacity planning and analysis of needs
  • Designing, configuring and managing network designs with the aim of facilitating customer usage
  • Maximising customer operational performance by troubleshooting
  • Holding discussions with clients for specifying system requirements
  • Customizing networks by adding new programs and applications to already existing networks; upgrading any existing hardware and software that have become obsolete

Educational Qualifications

Hawaii State University
Masters of Computer Science, 2007

Hawaii State University
Bachelors of Computer Science, 2005

This network administrator resume sample can be used by people who want to write system administrator resume. So if you are interested in designing, planning, maintaining and expanding networks, you must stick to your decision of becoming a network admin. And to get your preferred job, make the maximize use of a well-structured and error-free resume.