Office Manager Resume Template

By | July 28, 2014

The office manager resume template gives you an outline of your resume that further helps you in composing your own resume. An office manager play an important role in office administration and is accountable to carry out several important tasks like managing the entire office procedures, ensure all departments coordinate, financial transactions, and many more. Hence, the job remains one of the most crucial jobs in the industry and employers spend some quality time selecting the appropriate candidates.

Considering the overall importance of the job profile, eligible candidates must spend some time writing their office manager resumes. There are several important factors one must keep in mind while applying for this job profile. Let’s take a look at some of them which will help you in drafting an effective resume.

Points to Remember While Applying for Office Manager Job Position

  • Office Manager Objective Statement: The objective statement is considered to be the face of your resume. Hence, you must ensure that it plays its charm and intrigues the recruiter. Since the position needs someone well experience and professional, you must try and draft an objective statement that covers up your experience along with your proficiencies.
  • Skills and Proficiencies: When it comes to including skills in the resume, candidates end up mentioning silly things that do not relate with the office manager job profile. So, one must include only those skills and proficiencies that are closely associated with this profile. The applicant must also make use of some power keywords within the industry to make the employer realize about your knowledge.
  • Professional Experience: This is one of the most important sections in an office manager resume. Since the eligibility of an appropriate candidate completely depends upon the experience of the applicant, one must smartly draft this section. The professional experience section in your resume must include job profile, company name, year and responsibilities of your existing and prior employers.
  • Educational Qualifications: Your resume remains incomplete without proper details about your educational qualifications. So ensure to include detailed information about your qualifications including your degree with specialization, university you studied in and the year of passing.

The above four points are the most essential factors to remember while writing your office manager resume. Apart from the resume, you must also draft an equally good office manager cover letter which will create a positive persona of you before the employer. You can take a look at a cover letter sample here to know how to write yours.

Now that you are well aware of the important aspects of office manager resume, let’s take a look at the template below:


Full Name
Full Address
Contact Number
E-mail Address


Write a well composed intriguing objective statement that will give the employer a brief idea about your experience and expertise.


Write some triggering skills that are closely associated with the office manager job profile. While writing these skills ensure to make use of power keywords to send out a positive impression.


Compose a captivating professional experience by mentioning your job profile, employer’s name, duration you are working with them and the responsibilities you perform. Ensure to jot down the responsibilities in a bullet format and avoid writing them in a paragraph form.


Include your educational qualification details under this section. Mention your degree, specialization, university and the year of passing. You can even include details of any courses completed under this section.


This section includes information about your personal details like name, gender, date of birth, marital status, nationality, etc.


This section is optional and completely depends on you whether to include it in your resume.

Hope the above office manager resume template helps you in composing your own resume. You can copy the above format as it is and make necessary changes in it.

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