Operations Manager Resume Sample

By | March 29, 2016
Operations managers in most industries or organizations are assigned with the duties of planning and directing operations, co-ordinating and supervising the activities of various departments, organizing recruitment and placement processes with the aim of improving work performance and productivity. They oversee goods production and provision of services. They set and review budgets, research new technologies and mange costs also. In simpler words, they shoulder the responsibility of making an organization run as smoothly as possible, fulfilling the requirements and expectations of clients and customers. Thus, candidates applying for this job must come up with a perfect operations manager resume to impress the employer and get their hands on the job.


As the nature of the job responsibilities differs from one company/organization to the other, the formal educational requirement also varies. Most employers prefer candidates with a college degree in commerce, management or business administration. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in operations management may easily get you a job. Besides having formal education, candidates who are already working as operations managers continue gaining knowledge by participating in seminars and industry conferences. If any student wants to go for certification, this may help in gaining more attention of the employer reading his/her resumes.

If you want to write a resume for the post of operations manager, here follows a sample that includes all sections like summary, key competencies, education, certification and experience.

Operations Manager Resume Sample

Edmund Gray
98 St. Peterson Street, Georgia
Email: edmund.gray@example.com


An efficient and hard-working operations manager with a proven track record of successfully working in environments of change, multiple deadlines, problem management and able to increase company’s productivity, using cutting-edge technology, negotiation, analytical and people management skills. Looking forward to work in a new managerial position and further my professional and personal development by gaining new experiences while utilizing my skills and knowledge.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to organize projects by breaking down tasks into smaller parts and devise strategies to execute the smaller plans; forecast issues and work towards finding practical solutions
  • Ability to analyze situations and look for details in order to come up with new ideas
  • Remarkable skill to translate complex information or ideas in layman’s language and make them recognizable to people of different intellectual levels
  • Brilliant capability to remain cool under pressure even when working for long hours and during weekends
  • Ability to negotiate contracts with clients and thereby contribute in cost-cutting
  • Excellent capability to manage people and get jobs done on time; direct them in a collaborative work style
  • Ability to allot work effectively
  • Possesses knowledge of tax, government contract management and professional ethical standards
  • Computer skills: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop
  • Good Know-how on Six Sigma

Educational Qualifications

University of Georgia, 2008
Master’s Degree in Business Management

University of Georgia, 2006
Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management


Certified Supply Chain Professional by The Association for Operations Management, 2010


Setus- Plastic Manufacturing Company, Georgia
Operations Manager
June 2011- present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Works with a team of more than 100 employees and leads them
  • Develops strategies for staff’s better performance by educating, training and coaching them; ensures each staff member has timely, precise performance management plan which identifies training requirements and specific responsibilities
  • Ensures all safety regulations are adhered to
  • Ensures all project milestones are met on time
  • Looks after the day-to-day operations of the business that includes all human resource activities
  • Establishes a work culture within the company that supports its policies
  • Makes wise judgement that supports the best interests of the company
  • Works with commercial and engineering team on the costing of new products and new growth opportunities by providing them specific manufacturing assumption information
  • Produces operation manuals that contain strategies for running the business
  • Ensures all weekly staff meetings and written monthly communications are held
  • Visits recycling factory and supervises all activities

Remember operation managers’ duties vary from one company to another. An operations manager in an insurance company will have responsibilities much different from those in a software company. While writing your resume, consider the primary responsibilities, required skills and experience employers are looking for. Then draft your skills and experiences that are relevant for the position. In this way, the reader or recruiter will get to know how well you fit into the role they are searching for. Hope the above operations manager resume sample help you in all aspects to write your resume.