Customer Service Manager Resume Sample

Customer service managers look after the business interests of customers. For them, their customers are first. They work in a variety of areas or field like telecommunications, finance, retail, health etc. and work at different levels from front office to head office. They are also known by other job titles such as corporate services manager,… Read More »

Consultant Resume Sample

Consultants are people who are specialized in some subject or areas of expertise. They are trained professionals who provide advices to clients with the aim of helping them to develop strategies to achieve their goals. Thus consultants use their expertise and knowledge to help clients attain their business objectives and resolve issues. If you have… Read More »

Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

Teaching assistants are also known as education assistants, instructional aides or teacher’s aides. They help teachers in imparting education. Educating children is a great responsibility. Teachers build future of students and as such they are entrusted with a lot of duties. Teaching assistants help teachers in accomplishing many tasks. They work to make students get… Read More »

Special Education Teacher Resume Sample

Special education teachers are patient, empathetic and inventive individuals who specialize in dealing with children and youths having special needs. Many children in our societies have physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities and they find it difficult to achieve their highest potential in the regular/normal educational environment. Hence they require extra attention and unique instructional methods… Read More »

Art Teacher Resume Sample

Art is a discipline which exposes students to innovative and engaging subjects. For a leaning mind, art encourages creativity and expression. Thus art teachers are individuals who design classes and courses to establish students’ skills in different topics like crafts, painting, sculpture, ceramics and other forms of visual expression. Image Source: Art teachers may… Read More »

Research Assistant Resume Sample

Research assistants are people who conduct researches in business or academic worlds and help their supervisors in performing a specific research agenda. Besides assisting professors at universities, research assistants sometimes, assist newspaper reporters, novel writers and other professionals who need help in order to complete their research based work. One may find research assistants working… Read More »

Property Manager Resume Sample

A resume can be defined as a marketing brochure which may help you in getting an edge against applicants vying for the post advertised. As recruiters keep on comparing resumes to select who to interview, it is significant that you prepare a well-formatted resume. If you are seeking a property manager position in any company/organization,… Read More »

Network Engineer Resume Sample

Network engineers, also known as network architects work to create and/or maintain networking software or hardware. Sometimes the job titles network engineer and network administrator are used as synonyms. But there is a huge difference between the responsibilities of a network engineer and administrator. While the former deals with planning, designing and implementing computer networks,… Read More »

Assistant Manager Resume Sample

A resume is a tool which shows you the path towards a great career. Although it is a one- or two-page document, its value is immense. It contains essential information about your familiarity with a particular job role, your abilities, work experience and academic background. In this post we will go through an assistant manager… Read More »