Pharmacist Resume Sample

By | February 13, 2016
A pharmacist is a community helper, a healthcare professional who work in a variety of settings in order to promote health awareness. To be more specific, such a person advises patients on how the later should use medicines effectively, monitors patients’ health, answers their queries regarding medicines and composition of drugs and work with other healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses to provide knowledge about drug.

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A pharmacist, also known as druggist may work in community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, primary health care organisations, veterinary pharmacies etc. It is a noble profession, since you get chance to serve the society. If you have required skill set and academic qualifications, you might excel in this job; and the first step to achieve this will be to send a simple, crisp yet impressive resume to prospective employers.

Job Description of a Pharmacist

The main job duties of a pharmacist are:

  • Ensuring that patients are provided medicines of good quality, in accordance with prescriptions.
  • Providing knowledge to patients on medicines, how to take those, the possible side effects and all other queries related to medicines and their effective uses.
  • Getting involved in various management works in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Advising health care professionals and general public regarding right selection, dosage and therapeutic effects of over-the-counter medicines and those mentioned on prescriptions.

Besides these, hospital pharmacists may conduct clinical trials; industrial pharmacists engage themselves in developing, testing, analyzing and marketing different medical and pharmaceutical products.

Skills and Proficiencies of a Pharmacist

A pharmacist must have certain skills like:

  • Good eye for subtleties.
  • Superb knowledge on drugs and medicines for example, how to prepare and test drugs.
  • Ability to convince patients about the use of drugs prescribed by doctors.
  • Excellent knowledge of computers, maths and science.
  • Patience since he/she has to multitask.
  • Strong communication skills needed to deal with customers, healthcare professionals, insurers etc.

Pharmacist Education

To be a pharmacist an individual must attain Doctor of Pharmacy degree from a pharmacy school. A student has to go for clinical training as a part of the program. In order to practise as a pharmacist, a student must pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam or NAPLEX.

Pharmacist Resume Sample

Charles J. Edwin

3765 Grand Avenue, Alabama


Licensed pharmacist possessing a PharmaD degree with 4 years of experience in the healthcare industry, willing to utilize my knowledge, skills and education for serving humanity by delivering quality patient care, quick medication dispensing and eager to learn more in an environment promoting competence and growth.


Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to respond effectively and carry work effortlessly in stressful scenarios; to show emotional resilience in conflicting and ethically challenging situations that are common to all work settings.
  • Extensive knowledge of systems analysis, medical terminology etc.
  • Possessing planning skills, critical thinking and problem solving required to answer queries raised by clients, patients and other healthcare individuals.
  • Proficient in managing material resources like ensuring the right use of facilities, equipment and materials required to accomplish a certain task.
  • Excellent communication skills (speaking, listening, writing, observing and telephone etiquettes) which are deemed necessary for maintaining healthy relationships with staff, clients, patients and their family members, physicians, nurses etc.
  • Expert in patient counselling, negotiating with and persuading others.
  • Knowledge of government rules and regulations, laws, agency rules, legal codes etc.
  • Knowledge of electronics, computers, sales and marketing.

Educational Qualifications

  • Alabama Community College, Alabama, 2008
  • Licensed Pharmacist, Alabama Board of Pharmacy, 2010


Care and Cure Pharmacy
St. Mary’s Hospital
January 2012- Present

  • Dispensing drugs prescribed by doctors and ensuring those medicines are appropriate for patients.
  • Advising patients on how to take medicines, their possible reactions and how to store them properly and answering similar questions asked by patients.
  • Training pharmacist technicians and supervising them regularly.
  • Educating patients on issues like lifestyle management, smoking cessation, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight management etc.
  • Contacting healthcare professionals for resolving serious issues related to medicine dispensing and doubts, if any.
  • Answering phone calls to help customers regarding product and prescription queries.
  • Responsible for carrying out the day-to-day activities in the pharmacy while caring for others’ needs and emotions and avoiding any aggressive behavior even in stressful situations.

Hope the above pharmacist resume sample will help you in drafting a brilliant, quality resume showcasing your skills, relating to the position advertised.

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