Physician Assistant Resume Sample

By | April 27, 2016

Physician assistants are people who work with surgeons, physicians and other healthcare workers to examine and treat patients. They practice in all fields of medicine that include family medicine, general internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, primary care, surgery and psychiatry. They carry their roles in hospitals, physicians’ offices and also other healthcare settings.


If you are studying medicine or have studied one, if you love to work independently and are interested in patient care, becoming a physician assistant may be a wise career choice for you. And while you are searching for a job for the same post, you will need a physician assistant resume.

Job Description of a Physician Assistant

Physician assistants work as a part of the medical team and perform the following duties:

  • Supervise assistants and technicians
  • Instruct patients on therapeutic regimens
  • Provide them information on lifestyle and health maintenance, growth and development, family planning etc
  • Prescribe medicines
  • Assess and record patients’ progress by interviewing them, studying medical histories and performing physical examinations
  • Treat minor injuries
  • Take medical histories, order X-rays and laboratory tests
  • Diagnose patients
  • Develop and implement plans meant for improving patient care
  • Perform duties in compliance with federal, state legislation and local legal and professional requirements

Skills and Proficiencies of a Physician Assistant

A physician assistant’s job requires:

  • Displaying a good-natured, friendly attitude towards patients and other staff members
  • Keeping emotions in check and controlling aggressive behavior
  • Using logic to resolve work-related issues
  • Being sensitive to others’ needs and feelings
  • Being innovative to work out new solutions to work-related problems
  • Good knowledge of medical terminology
  • Good knowledge of human behavior and treatment of behavioural disorders
  • Excellent communication skills


You will need a master’s degree from an accredited educational program; you must hold a license through the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination.

Physician Assistant Resume Sample

Marc Robinson
123 St Arthur’s Street, Georgia


A highly-qualified physician assistant with 3+ years of experience in patient care, working with healthcare professionals, providing medical and administrative support. With substantial knowledge of medical practice, crisis interventions and ability to build instant rapport with patients, seeking a position in a work environment that will leverage my skills in a positive way.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to read medical terminology
  • Ability to write prescription and maintain records
  • Capable of providing emotional stability to patients and their family members and treating them with compassion
  • Ability to work well independently, in the absence of physicians, for example taking care of patients post-operatively and examining them
  • Ability to become a people person in order to deal and communicate with people from different backgrounds
  • Ability to work along with other staff members like nurses, physicians, psychologists, therapists, physicians etc
  • Strong patient assessment skills
  • Good judgement skills


Health and Care Hospital, Georgia
Physician Assistant
November 2012- present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Attending emergencies and helping surgeons during surgeries
  • Checking progress of patients’ health, patients’ reaction to medicines, keeping record of treatments and surgeries
  • Assessing the health of patients by asking them questions about their health and treating them with utmost care; fulfilling their demands to the limit, that is possible
  • Providing immense help to physicians by recognizing long-term and short-term patient care issues that need to be addressed, recommending possible treatment options and related course of action and implementing instructions given by the physician
  • Providing therapeutic treatment and counseling patients regarding how to carry on with exercise routine and treatment processes at home
  • Writing prescriptions, documenting patient care services, preparing patients for examinations and conducting normal medical procedures like monitoring blood pressure

Educational Qualifications

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New York, New York
M.S. Physician Assistant Studies, 2009

Georgia State University, Georgia
Bachelor of Science, Zoology, 2006


Georgia Institute of Medicine and Advanced Technology
NCCPA Certification: Patient Care Technician, 2011
Licensed as a Physician’s Assistant in the State of Georgia

If you are writing a physician assistant entry level resume, put focus on your skill sets and academic background including certification. On the other hand, if you are an experienced person, you must write your physician assistant resume by following the above sample. Again you must research on some sample physician assistant cover letter and write a cover letter on your own that should be accompanied with your resume.