Property Manager Resume Sample

By | April 9, 2016

A resume can be defined as a marketing brochure which may help you in getting an edge against applicants vying for the post advertised. As recruiters keep on comparing resumes to select who to interview, it is significant that you prepare a well-formatted resume. If you are seeking a property manager position in any company/organization, you need to prepare a property manager resume highlighting your abilities as a property manager and support it with relevant education, experience and accomplishments, if any.


Job Description of a Property Manager

The main job duties of a property manager are:

  • To look after commercial, residential, industrial and other properties and ensure they are in good working condition
  • To determine rental rates by reviewing and analyzing local rental rates
  • To negotiate lease and make contracts with tenants
  • To collect resident rents and security deposits
  • To interview renters in order to consider and discuss property and leasing rules
  • To resolve any issues and complaints from tenants
  • To impose occupancy rules and regulations by dealing with violators
  • To give contracts for supervising repairs and maintenance services
  • To install security devices and maintain those

Skills and Proficiencies of a Property Manager

The essential skills required to become a property manager are:

  • Organization skills
  • Knowledge of cost control management, usual tenant building problems and the ways to resolve those
  • Knowledge of how to manage tenants, maintain property and arrange repairs that require immediate attention
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Ability to maintain good relationship with clients

Property Manager Resume Sample

Jessica Jones
56 Matilda Street, South California


An efficient, organized and professional property manager with extensive knowledge in property inspections and maintenance requirements and more than 10 years experience in administrating and supervising the principle operations of commercial and residential properties. Seeking to further my career with a firm that offers plentiful opportunities for personal and professional growth, besides focussing on customer service and satisfaction.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to negotiate with city officials to make sure property work is carried on without violating city codes and regulations; negotiate with contractors for getting the best rates
  • Ability to maintain properties in good shape
  • Good understanding of financial budgeting, marketing and information analysis
  • Customer service skills required to convince customers, entice new tenants and make new and existing tenants happy
  • Capability to understand contracts and leases
  • Ability to sound and/or look confident when liaising with clients via phone, email or during face-to-face conversation
  • Remarkable ability to manage a number of tasks at a time
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Self-motivated, disciplined and organized

Educational Qualifications

Certified Property Manager by BIREM, 2005
Penn Institute of Business Management
Master’s Degree in Real Estate, 2003


Marshall’s Real Estate and Assets Management, South California
Property Manager
March 2006- present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensures all properties comply with government rules and regulations
  • Educates clients and letting agents and provides them necessary advice
  • Supervises the work of all property team members
  • Does market research and analysis
  • Entices tenants by advertising vacancies, shows units and provides them detailed information about properties like services, advantages of location
  • Delivers reports to the management executives regarding any findings
  • Surveys property and devises term maintenance plans
  • Interviews renters in order to test their knowledge regarding leasing and property rules
  • Makes contracts with tenants by negotiating leases
  • Updates knowledge and broadens understanding by actively participating in conferences, reading professional publications and property magazines
  • Ensures properties are secured by making contracts with security patrol service
  • Prepares annual budgets and analyzes variances
  • Sorts out clients’ complaints successfully in a professional way
  • Directs marketing strategies and initiatives, leasing and sales of properties

Whatever profile you may be looking for real estate manager or property manager, you need a resume to make the employers get a clear picture of your degrees, skill sets, accomplishment and professional journey. Once they are aware of all these by reading your resume and they feel confident about your applicability to qualities they deem important, you will definitely be shortlisted for interviews. And performing well during the interview sessions will definitely land you a great job. Hope the above property manager resume sample helps you while drafting your own resume.