Restaurant Hostess Resume Sample

By | March 21, 2016
A restaurant hostess is one whom we often meet in restaurants. Her role is immensely important as she becomes the face of a restaurant’s hospitality. She greets eaters and pleases them with her impressive personality and smiling face. She needs to be very patient as she has to deal with a lot of customers with varied temperaments and characters. If you decide to become a restaurant hostess, you must be aware of the particular job profile and required skill sets.


Job Description of a Restaurant Hostess

The main duties of a restaurant hostess are:

  • Greets customers with a smiling face as they enter the restaurants
  • Makes the customers seat at their reserved tables and ensures that they are seated comfortably
  • Makes the customers seat in open places, if they need to wait at all
  • Answers phone calls and emails to make reservation for dinner, lunch or breakfast
  • Provides eaters with menus
  • Arranges tableware
  • Takes orders and relay the same to the kitchen
  • Ensures that food is served on time and in the accurate fashion
  • Informs eaters about specials and any changes to the menu
  • Notifies waiting guests when a table is ready
  • Assists other staff in rearranging tables for groups or parties
  • Makes guests feel comfortable and try to calm them, if they have any small issues related to food, reservation or any other matter
  • Reports serious issues to restaurant manager
  • Finds alternate table for customers, if they have problem with the present seat offered
  • Discusses with servers regarding seating chart in order to strike a balance in their workload

Skills and Proficiencies of a Restaurant Hostess

  • Customer service skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Team spirit
  • Decision making ability
  • Ability to handle guests and servers efficiently

Restaurant Hostess Resume Sample

Pamela Jones

St. Peters’ Lane, Minnesota


A dynamic, self-directed and versatile restaurant hostess with 5+ years experience in providing outstanding customer services. With demonstrated work ethics, leadership skills and ability to learn in the face of criticism, willing to excel in the field of hospitality and food service industry to better myself both professionally and personally.

Key Strengths and Core Competencies

  • Strong ability to handle a number of tasks at one time
  • Physical strength to remain active, walking or standing for long hours
  • Capability to remain calm and patient when tackling angry or frustrated customers
  • Capability to motivate waiters when they are unhappy with the number of tables they have to serve
  • Able to maintain a professional yet friendly appearance
  • Outstanding communication ability which is required to interact with customers, waiters, managers and chefs
  • Brilliant decision making skills
  • Ability to take criticism positively
  • Well-versed in answering emails and telephone calls
  • Demonstrated ability to greet customers and thank them with genuine feelings

Educational Qualifications

Minnesota Central College, Minnesota
Bachelor of Arts in English, 2010
Minnesota School of Culinary Studies, Minnesota
Diploma in Culinary Arts, 2006


Olives and Jalapenos, Park Street
Restaurant Hostess
April 2011- Present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Answers phone calls and emails regarding table reservation
  • Greets eaters and seats them in tables as per the number of the guests
  • Presents menus to the eaters and provide them with silverware
  • Having good knowledge about the menu items, answers questions about the type of food and days’ specials
  • Monitors the table rotation in order to check all the waiters get fair amount of tables; motivates waiters in case they feel exhausted with huge load of work, sometimes when some of them get more tables
  • Visits tables to get feedback from eaters about the quality and quantity of food served and know their overall experience in the restaurant
  • Decides which servers to count on for serving extra tables during rush hours or at times when some irritated or moody customers demand extra attention
  • Addresses customers’ complaints and resolves those both independently and in discussion with the management
  • Keeps in contact with the servers to check whether the quantity of food served will suffice the number of eaters in a particular table
  • Supervises staff in cleaning tables and rearranging those for new customers
  • Attends staff meetings

Remember this is only a restaurant hostess restaurant resume sample. You have to tailor-made your own resume with correct information based on your work history, skill sets and educational background.