Retail Store Manager Resume Sample

By | July 27, 2016
A retail store manager, as the name suggests is one who works in a retail store to meet sales and profit goals and enhance customer satisfaction thereby bringing more business for the store. Like other managers, a retail store manger needs to manage the store’s staff efficiently. All the staff including the manager carries on their responsibilities with an aim to expand the store’s traffic.


If you are interested in the managerial position of a retail store, you will need a well-formatted resume to be sent to prospective employers. Your resume will make the employers aware of certain skills and credentials they are looking for. You can go through the following post that includes a retail store manager resume sample covering all the important aspects of a perfect, eye-catching resume.

Job Description of a Retail Store Manager

The important responsibilities shouldered by a retail store manager are:

  • Providing training to store staff by assessing and rechecking training materials, reviewing staff’s performances and developing training programs
  • Recruiting and selecting store staff, counselling and disciplining them
  • Taking measures to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Preparing annual budget of the store with the aim of achieving financial objectives, analyzing discrepancies and taking corrective measures
  • Preparing reports on customer requirements, profits and buying trends
  • Handling grievances, customer complaints and issues faced by staff
  • Striking excellent rapport with potential and existing customers, thereby identifying customer requirements
  • Acting as a people person by performing and behaving well

Skill sets of a Retail Store Manager

A retail store manager must possess the following qualities:

  • Ability to judge people
  • Analytical skills to solve problems
  • Time management skills to ensure all work get done within the fixed timeline
  • Speaking, listening and writing skills required for communicating one-on-one, in a meeting or in front of staff members
  • Technical skills, such as the ability to read magnetic card
  • Maths and accounting skills
  • Ability to prioritize work
  • Adaptability skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment keeping a positive attitude
  • Showing true dependability
  • Ability to self-motivate


A high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree is the typical education requirement; although some employers may prefer candidates with a degree in retail management.

Retail Store Manager Resume Sample

Merecca Christopher
31 Royal Road, Hawaii


An efficient and highly-dependable store manager with 6+years of experience in retail field, managing sales team and co-ordinating policies and strategies to develop sales culture amongst employees. With knowledge of selling merchandise and store management, seeking a suitable position that challenges my existing skills and offers career-fulfilling opportunities.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Adept in supervising the operational activities of the store
  • Capable of researching, analyzing and understanding existing and future market trends
  • Excellent communication, time-management and multi-tasking skills
  • Ability to inspire others and instil in them a passion for retail
  • Ability to grasp a complex situation and provide solutions
  • Ability to coach and train staff and making them learn the art of proper merchandise profitability


The Finish Linen Store, Hawaii
Retail Manager
June 2010-present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Supervising and motivating team members in order to increase revenues and ensure sales target are met
  • Making important decisions regarding stock control and controlling stock levels; making decisions about fashion items on demand based on the researches about the prevailing market trends
  • Maintaining strong relationships with existing suppliers and seeking new suppliers too
  • Attending trade events, promoting products and getting customers’ feedback
  • Roaming sales floor at regular intervals, meeting other staff members and customers; serving customers, handling their complaints and answering their queries
  • Hiring and coaching employees; helping the higher management on staff promotions and appraisals

Educational Qualifications

Roseland University, Hawaii
Bachelors of Business Administration, 2009

Posting your retail store manager resume online and recreating the same in a company’s website will make your resume instantly accessible to the employers. Don’t forget to update the resume with your most recent achievements. Prepare your resume in such a way that it markets your skills and accomplishments bringing you one step closer to getting your preferred jobs.


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