Special Education Teacher Resume Sample

By | April 17, 2016

Special education teachers are patient, empathetic and inventive individuals who specialize in dealing with children and youths having special needs. Many children in our societies have physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities and they find it difficult to achieve their highest potential in the regular/normal educational environment. Hence they require extra attention and unique instructional methods by professionals who help them in their path of progress beyond their limitation. These professionals are the special education teachers who must have a deeper understanding of each child’s requirements and learning styles.

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Job Description of a Special Education Teacher

  • Working with children in small groups or individually, within or outside the classroom environment
  • Making use of specialist skills and methodologies like lip reading, Braille or sign languages
  • Conferring with parents, administrators and other professionals to develop education plans that promote educational, social and physical growth of the children
  • Preparing reports on students and their activities
  • Discussing and cooperating with primary teachers to develop plans and activities for students, which address the school curriculum
  • Bringing changes in the traditional teaching methods to satisfy the individual requirements of the students
  • Assessing work and giving grades/marks
  • Assisting in collecting data for giving suitable and proper classroom interventions

Skills of a Special Education Teacher

A special education teacher must:

  • Be flexible and creative in order to handle difficulties faced by children and deal with their changing moods
  • Have strong interpersonal skills to communicate with students, parents, school psychologists, physical therapists, social workers and other teachers
  • Be able to develop individualized lesson plan that addresses a student’s learning needs and the schools’ curricular requirements
    Have organizational skills
  • Must have immense patience to work towards helping the children achieve their maximum potential

Education for Special Education Teacher

You will need a bachelor’s degree and a state certification or licensure if you want to work in public schools.
If you like this job profile and want to join a school to work with these types of children or youths, you will need a resume to be sent to employers. This post will give you an idea of what you must include in your special education resume so that it looks attractive and error-free.

Special Education Teacher Resume Sample

Richard Jones
33 Gerald Road, Oregon
Email: richard.jones@example.com


An enthusiastic, caring and detail-oriented special education teacher with 4+ years of experience in working with children having disabilities. Possessing extensive knowledge of modifying general school curriculum to suit the needs of special children and collaborating with teachers and other community helpers and willing to make contribution to the society in my own small way.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Ability to demonstrate work ethics
  • Ability to maintain records and also orderly learning environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to handle parents’ queries, complaints and worries in a friendly manner
  • Proficient in making individual education plans focussing on the requirements of each student
  • Effective time and stress management qualities
  • Willingness to work with other teachers and follow instructions by the main school teachers
  • Capable of teaching English, Social Sciences, Music and Art
  • Strong background knowledge of different educational theories and methodologies


The Orchid City International School
Special Education Teacher
April, 2012- till present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Participating in different professional development workshops, seminars and conferences focussed on how to teach children having different disabilities
  • Teaching one or more of these subjects: English, Social Science, Art, Music etc. to emotionally-disturbed students in grades one to eight
  • Teaching physically and mentally disabled students aged between 3 and 5
  • Providing instructions to children in whole-groups, small-groups and one-on-one to suit different academic levels
  • Implementing various special education skills
  • Consulting parents, administrators, fellow teachers, school psychologists and taking their suggestions while developing individualized education programs
  • Bringing necessary changes in the curriculum keeping in mind the educational goals of the school
  • Grading and providing reviews of homework, projects, quizzes and pre-scheduled tests for each student
  • Providing emotional and physical support to students in their school activities

Educational Qualifications

St. Joseph’s University, Oregon
Masters Degree in Special Education, 2009


Oregon Teacher Certification Generic Special Education, 2011

While writing your special education teacher resume, you should concentrate more on knowledge, education and skill sets that are important to the post advertised. Ignore mentioning abilities that the particular employer is not looking for. Including irrelevant skills may irritate the reader and all the time and labor that you put in drafting the resume will get wasted.