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Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

Teaching assistants are also known as education assistants, instructional aides or teacher’s aides. They help teachers in imparting education. Educating children is a great responsibility. Teachers build future of students and as such they are entrusted with a lot of duties. Teaching assistants help teachers in accomplishing many tasks. They work to make students get… Read More »

Special Education Teacher Resume Sample

Special education teachers are patient, empathetic and inventive individuals who specialize in dealing with children and youths having special needs. Many children in our societies have physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities and they find it difficult to achieve their highest potential in the regular/normal educational environment. Hence they require extra attention and unique instructional methods… Read More »

Teacher Resume Sample

A Teacher Resume Sample will help you understand how to draft an effective resume while applying for any elementary schooling job. The job of a teacher has become one of the most sought after careers and the competition in this field have increased multiple folds past a few years. Hence, one must spend some good… Read More »