Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

By | April 19, 2016

Teaching assistants are also known as education assistants, instructional aides or teacher’s aides. They help teachers in imparting education. Educating children is a great responsibility. Teachers build future of students and as such they are entrusted with a lot of duties. Teaching assistants help teachers in accomplishing many tasks. They work to make students get the most out of their learning process, assist the main teachers in managing pupils with learning disabilities or physical disabilities, supervise a class in the absence of the main teacher.


If you love children and like interacting with them, you may have the passion to work with them. And if you like to work with them, you may go for a teacher assistant’s position. In the following post, we will discuss the roles and skills required for this particular position and also look at a powerful resume sample that you can customize while applying for the same post.

Job Description of a Teaching Assistant

The essential duties of a teaching assistant are:

  • Providing support to pupils who need extra care and attention to complete their tasks.
  • Assisting the main teacher in keeping records, grading tests and checking homework.
  • Providing students’ feedback to the teacher which helps in monitoring students’ progress.
  • Enforcing rules of the educational institution with the aim of teaching proper behavior and right manners to students.
  • Assisting the main teachers in preparing lesson plans.
  • Setting up equipment like computers and getting instructing materials ready for the main teacher.
  • Working with students in small groups to reinforce lessons already taught by teachers.
  • Taking care of children during play and helping them with basic needs like feeding.
  • Working “one-on-one” with special needs students and helping them with their class work and behavioral patterns.
  • Promoting a classroom environment conducive for the physical, emotional and psychological growth of children.

Skills and Proficiencies of a Teaching Assistant

A successful teaching assistant must have:

  • Good reading, writing and numeric skills.
  • Ability to build good rapport with children, other teaching assistants, teachers and parents.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to explain assignment in different ways to students who need extra attention.
  • Ability to monitor students’ behavior.
  • Ability to discuss upcoming lessons with the primary teacher in order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the instructional goals.
  • Patience to deal with pupils having different bents of minds.
  • Friendly attitude towards students and other staff.


The educational requirements of a teaching assistant will differ as per the school he/she is working for. Teacher assistants working in elementary schools may have different educational requirement than those working in a high school. Thus the degree level may vary from a high school diploma to an associate’s degree or some years of college.

Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

Wendy Harrison
36 Arthur Street, Hawaii
Email: wendy.harrison@example.com


A student-oriented, enthusiastic and positive-minded individual with 3+ years of experience working as a teaching assistant with extensive knowledge in behavioural management, administrative duties and childcare. Seeking an opportunity to work in a progressive school to contribute in the all-round development of the students.

Skills and Proficiencies

  • Good organizational skills required to keep records.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to follow written and verbal communications.
  • Remarkable behavioural management skills.
  • Possesses the energy and self-confidence to deal students with behavioural problems.
  • Ability to assist teacher in preparing lesson plans and classroom displays.
  • Bilingual-English and German.


Little Flowers International School, Ohio
Teaching Assistant
June 2012-present
Job Responsibilities:

  • Helping the teacher in preparing classroom displays and lesson plans.
  • Actively participated in staff-development training programs, educational activities and school trips.
  • Creating numerous games for recess.
  • Providing support to pupils with special needs and making them feel comfortable through the day at school.
  • Tutoring students in small groups or independently.
  • Monitoring pupils’ arrival and departure time.
  • Producing records and reports and maintaining those.
  • Assisting the teacher in maintaining discipline in the class.
  • Decorating classroom and common areas for special events and celebration.
  • Actively participating in parent-teacher discussion of any particular requirements or behavioural problems faced by any individual pupil, along with the primary teacher.
  • Monitoring students’ behaviors in the playground.

Educational Qualifications

Ohio Global School, Ohio
Bachelor of Arts in English, 2011

In this way, you can make your own teaching assistant resume. Note down your skills and achievements on a paper and then include those in your resume according to their relevance to the job requirements advertised. Hope this teaching assistant resume sample helps you.