Truck Driver Resume Sample

By | September 19, 2014

A truck driver resume sample will help you in applying for the position of a truck driver with the commercial transport companies. Your resume helps the employers understand your experience in handling different trucks and how long have you been driving them. Thus, your resume becomes a part of your formal application process.

So, before you start writing your truck driver resume, there are several things you must understand to ensure avoiding any mistakes and gaining your dream job in the first go. Your resume becomes your first experience and hence certain precautions need to be taken while writing it.

The first important thing to consider while writing your resume is to understand the truck driver job description effectively. A proper knowledge about the employer requirements can help you in drafting a job centric resume thus gaining the employer attention and increasing the chances of gaining the job. Following are some of the basic and most common job requirements from a truck driver:


  • Required to possess a specific level of CDL. This is one of the basic requirements as without a proper license you would not be allowed to drive any trucks
  • Driving commercial trucks needs some good driving experience. You will often find this constraint while applying for the position of a truck driver
  • Restricted area based driving or a long haul job. Commercial drivers for big agencies often require traveling distant places. Hence, you must ensure to check on this constraint while applying for this job.
  • Knowledge about the truck maintenance, servicing, spare parts, etc.
  • Arms and ammunition license. Many a times you might be travelling on the lonely highways where protecting you and the luggage becomes a necessity.
  • Truck driver applicant screening requirements which may include drug tests, alcohol tests, background checks, DOT physical, etc.


  • Following rules and regulations
  • Familiarity of different routes and highways
  • Knowledge about map reading, GPS and navigation
  • Ability to work in rotating shifts
  • Proficient in expense management
  • Knowledge about vehicle maintenance, parts, etc.
  • Ability to take preventive measure at times
  • Skilled in maintaining travel logs
  • Expert in maintaining good client relations and providing customer satisfaction

The above truck drive job description and skills will help you in analyzing the things to be included in your resume. Now, let’s take a look at the truck driver resume sample which will further guide you in writing your resume.


703 Penn Street, Manchester, MO 63011


A heavy truck driver with 8+ years of professional experience looking forward for the position of a truck driver with commercial transport agency where I can utilize my knowledge and experience for better transport service and maximum customer satisfaction.


  • On hand experience in driving heavy trucks, toing vehicles, and trailers
  • Law following professional with adequate knowledge of rules and regulations
  • Familiar with almost all roads and highways in the United States
  • Skilled in reading location maps along with using GPS and navigation
  • Expert in expense managements
  • Knowledge about vehicle maintenance, servicing and spare parts
  • Experienced in maintaining travel logs
  • Ability to maintain good client relations and provide customer satisfaction


Truck Driver
Heavy Truck Services, Manchester, MO
2007 – Present

  • Checking specified amount of goods are loaded and unloaded and maintaining the log for same
  • Driving trucks to their desired destinations on time
  • Ensuring that the trucks are in good condition, following timely maintenance check-ups and servicing
  • Performed expense management by maintaining food, maintenance and gas logs
  • Managed day as well as night shifts
  • Achieved 100% success in fetching the goods to their desired locations well before time


Diploma, Manchester High School, 2006

Hope the above truck driver resume sample help you in writing your own resume. The above resume is just a sample and you can make necessary changes in it to draft your own resume.

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